Saturday, January 5, 2008

What did mamma say?

I saw this on Yahoo News and thought it was cute. Katie likes to mock me and say "you better be good." It's amazing what children will remember and repeat.

Maryann and I went to the hospital last night to visit Mom. We think she did good getting out of bed to sit in the chair for supper. Yeah, it took her a while to get there, but Mom said she was having some difficulty trying to get her brain to tell her legs to move. She ate pretty good for us, but I think she is getting pretty sick of the hospital food. She's excited about going to the rehab clinic. The short time she was there, she said they treated her real well.

I was concerned about Mom being at the hospital by herself during supper time tonight, so Doug and I are going to head over there later. My concern is when the nurses get her out of the bed and into the chair to eat, they don't make sure her butt is far back in the chair. This position puts her in an awkward position and her back begins to hurt. Plus, it seems to me the nurses forget to put her lumber belt on before they transfer her from the bed to the chair. According to her PT, she should have this belt on any time she gets out of the bed and moves around because it will protect her back and take a lot of the pressure off of it. I would just feel better, if a family member (that knows this) to be with her and make sure this happens. Her Infectious Disease doctor has put her on the antibiotics orally. She seems to be reacting to the medicine great, no fever or bad side effects other than her stomach still gets upset. All of her doctors have released her, so she will be able to leave by ambulance Monday to the rehab clinic. She will stay at the rehab clinic for a few days, in order to get full time therapy on her muscles. Sandy leaves out of here tomorrow morning. We sure have appreciated her coming and being with Dad and Sherry this whole time. I know Mom was relieved to see her. Sherry and Roger will leave a week from Monday. They have been so wonderful to be with Dad and Mom during all of this and to keep us encouraged. I know we had to sick Sherry onto a couple of nurses at one time because we were not getting any answers or the proper care for Mom. Doug calls her "Scary Sherry" because you don't want her on your bad side. Mom wanted me to tell everyone that she sure does appreciate all of the prayers that have gone up for her. The dear Lord has protected her and got her through all the tough stuff. I know the Lord has been helping her right along, holding her hand and He will continue through the recovery and therapy. Thanks again for all the phone calls, prayers and cards. It is much appreciated!

Doug is so excited! They announced yesterday that Alabama will play Clemson on August 30th in Atlanta. He wants to go because he wants to say that he's been in a domed stadium. Right off the bat, he gets online and found a hotel to stay. This one hotel/condo has a package where you could get tickets to the GA Aquarium. Doug and I have been talking about going to seeing this aquarium because I understand that it's the world's largest. We had such a good time this past October when we went to Chattanooga's Aquarium, so I know we'll have a great time. Doug talked to Laura, because Wayne's hunting Bambi, to see if they were interested in going with us and staying in the same hotel. He went ahead and got the package for all of us to stay and go to the aquarium the next day. I haven't been to Atlanta in so long, I just know I'll be amazed with all the changes. When we went to Chattanooga this last time, I couldn't get over the changes.

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Loved "Scary Sherry" and the video!