Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Nolan!

I wanted to wish Nolan a very Happy Birthday!
I didn't get to mail your birthday card until yesterday. Sorry! I know Liz and the kids made your birthday very special.

We went to see Mom yesterday. I have to say, she seems to be improving more and more. She seemed to be in such a good mood and refreshed looking. She enjoyed having Katie there to visit with her. Katie wanted to sit by her Grandma in the bed. It made me so nervous her bouncing around in the same bed with Mom. Mom finally had to tell me to chill out because Katie was fine. I just knew she was going to end up hurting Mom by accident. Would you believe that Mom sat straight up in her bed to eat supper without any pain? She didn't even make a face. I couldn't get over it. She said that one of her therapist, Anthony, was talking about the clinic sending her home with a walker to help her out. I know we were a little scared when they were talking about sending her home in a wheel chair. I was so proud of Dad. Eventhough he is nervous and upset that Mom's at rehab and he has to go home every night, he finally held it together and wasn't so hard on her this time. In fact, he was more encouraging to her than I've ever seen. She was a little down on herself last night. She seems to think that she's not doing anymore improvements with her therapy. Dad and I tried telling her that we could see a great improvement, but I don't know if she really took us at our word. If you call Mom sometime, you might want to encourage her a little bit.

She didn't get to do physical therapy the other day because she had bowel problems and had to go back to the hospital. The hospital visit wasn't as bad as it first sounded. The regular doctor from the rehab clinic was concerned about the ooze coming out of her back. The doctor thought the ooze was suppose to be gone by now. They called Dr. Harsh and he wanted to check her out. This is the reason why, she went to the hospital. According to Dr. Harsh, her back is healing perfectly.

I didn't get to see all of The American Idol last night. Doug said it was pretty boring. What I did get to see was somewhat entertaining. What about the ape man dressed up in the opera garb and then goes through a wax treatment just to get a chance to sing in front of Paula? I think the scariest I saw was the stalker that wrote and sang a song for Paula. Paula had better tighten up her security for the next year or so. The idol will be on again tonight at 8/7 central, I plan on curling up with a bowl snacks and watching it.


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Mirya - send me your mom's address so my Bible Study group can send her a card. You might better email it.