Sunday, January 27, 2008

Katie's New Princess Tent

Millard and Peggy wanted to take us out to eat for my birthday supper. We went to Logan's Roadhouse. Doug and I got their Chicken Salad, while Millard and Peggy got the hamburger steak. We ordered Katie Chicken Tenders and fries, but she was so full of peanuts and yeast rolls that she didn't eat much. Afterwards, we headed to Target. I was on a mission. With Mom being home, she's not able to eat very well off the wooden TV Trays that she has right now. Us girls have decided to get her a set of 4 Tablemate trays for her birthday. I saw online that Target and WalMart both sell them, but later I found out that it is online only. Ugh! Target was having a huge clearance sale in the toy/outdoor section. I found the above tent on sale for $24.95. It is regular $49.99. I was so tickled to get it because the Dora Tent Katie got for her birthday has just about bit the dust. She has really played with it. It's got four holes worn in it. It's so bad that I can't kept the poles in it to keep it stable. The tent was small enough to where she could waller around in it. This tent however is very big and hopefully too big that she won't be able to waller around in it. She was so excited about her tent that I had to reassure her inside the store that we were going to get it. Laura - we found the bath time Mermaid. I was going to go ahead, cave in and get Katie a Balleria Barbie when Doug pointed out the bath time Mermaids. I gave her a choice and she wanted the Mermaid. She loves it! She couldn't believe that she could take a bath with Mermaid. After I washed her hair, I just let her play and play in the tub with Mermaid. What an imagination she has? Doug and I could hear her talking from the Living Room. She had a good time. Of course, Mermaid gets the royal treatment. She wasn't to be put in with the rest of the tub toys. Oh no! She had to have her hair dried by the hair dryer, like Katie. She had to get ready for bed, like Katie and she had to sleep with Katie. After tub time, Katie insisted that I get out the Princess tent. I figured it would be big, I just didn't know how big. With the Christmas tree still up, I couldn't get it to fit in the Living Room. I folded it back up and we headed for Katie's bedroom. As you can tell from the pictures, it's BIG! On the box, it says a little over 5 feet tall. I don't know how wide it is, but you can barely get through to the other side of the room. Katie wanted to spend the night in her tent. I put down several of her blankets, for padding. Got out her sleeping bag, pillow and blankets to cover her up. She acted a little scared to stay in there all night, so I got all of her stuffed animals and piled them in her tent with her. I assured her that her animal friends would be with her and protect her all night. Would you believe, she didn't get up any more? She went right to sleep. When I opened her door this morning to check on her, she was in her tent playing with Mermaid. She said she liked sleeping in her tent, but she didn't want to spend the night in it again tonight. I might keep it up for a couple of days, then put it up for a while. I have more pictures of the tent on our photosite.

I'm afraid Katie has been scarred with the whole Mom (Grandma Jerry) going to the hospital. Now, Katie says she's sick that she has a belly ache and she has to go to the hospital like Grandma Jerry. Don't ask because I don't know where she got this idea in her head. Who knows. She told me this twice today. I finally asked her tonight if her tummy hurt her. "Uh, huh." She confirmed. I don't know if she knows what she is talking about. She has ate a bunch of junk the past couple of days, so maybe she knows what she is talking about. I know she had a very soft bowel movement earlier and Doug said her boogies had a little blood in them. Since, I'm having Sinus trouble, I thought maybe she is too. She just can't get over the fact Grandma Jerry was in the hospital sick because she talks about a lot. I try to reassure her that Grandma is getting better and is home now. In fact, Katie has seen Mom a few times since the rehab clinic. I guess, she knows somethings not right with her.

Speaking of Mom, she has her good and bad days. Today is day two of bad days. She complains about her legs really hurting her. She had two episodes today where she had to get Dad to forcefully sit her up in bed, while she screamed and cried. She says once she's sitting up in bed and gathers her thoughts, the pain goes away. Yesterday, she only had one of these episodes. We, family, are concerned if this is normal. She has a doctor's appointment with the Neurosurgeon Tuesday afternoon, so maybe he can look at it. If he seems concerned enough, hopefully, he'll schedule another MRI and make sure there is no more disk pieces come loose. I think both Mom and Dad are scared, along with the rest of the family, about another disk fragment loose in her spine. Mom told Dad that if it was another piece of disk to go ahead, take her in the back yard and shoot her. She doesn't feel she can make it through another surgery. I've heard of people going through several of these surgery from one ruptured disk. Yuck! I can't imagine. Doug, Katie and I visited her for a little bit this evening. She seems so weak. I don't know if it's from her heart being weak or from her not being able to eat much. For instance, tonight she was so hungry. When her supper was ready, she could only eat a couple of bites. She said she was full and couldn't eat anymore. I wrapped up the food and suggested that she might could eat a little more later. Mom has always loved to eat a bowl of ice cream before she goes to bed at night. I offered to get her some ice cream, but she refused. I asked if there was something she might would like to eat that I could pick up for her. Nope! Nothing. A few of us seem to be a little anxious for her to get her appetite back. I hope it comes back quickly because I'm afraid she's just going to waste away.

Tomorrow, I plan on cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning. I'm hoping Doug will be able to find time to get the Christmas boxes down from the attic. Have a great Monday and don't work too hard.

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