Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Prayer Request!

Some of you may know Rick Burgess from the talk radio show "The Rick & Bubba Show." They are a pretty popular talk radio show located in Birmingham, Alabama. http://www.rickandbubba.com/

I've got some terrible news. Rick Burgess and his family seriously need your prayers. When the big snow storm of the deep south came through here on Saturday, Rick went on a missions trip (I believe). His wife, Sherri, stayed home with their boys. According to Doug, Sherry was outside with their youngest son, Bronner - 2 1/2 years old, playing in the snow. Rick has a nick name for all of his kids and Bronner's aka "Cornbread." When they got back in the house to warm up, Sherri locked up the house and went to take a bath. When she came out of the bathroom, one of the doors were open and Bronner was missing. She found Bronner in their swimming pool. He had drowned. His Memorial Service is today. There are some pretty touching music, photos & words on "The Rick & Bubba Show" website. I've attached the link in the paragraph above.

Katie will be 2 1/2 years old tomorrow and I can't imagine what they might be going through. In fact, the thought of Katie being able to unlock the doors and get out without me knowing about it, scares me to death. There have been several times, when I go ahead and take a bath while Katie watches her favorite cartoons. Since I heard the tragic new about Bronner, I won't take a bath now until Katie's asleep or someone else is here. I know for sure Katie can't open up the front door lock because I can barely unlock it, very tight; however, she might be able to unlock the back door. We don't have a pool, but she is attracted to the road. I think Doug and I need to look into the locks on the doors. I've heard of people putting an additional lock on their doors up real high, so their children couldn't get to it.

Please keep the Burgess family in your thoughts and prayers, especially Sherri. The picture above was provided by Fox News.

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