Monday, January 14, 2008

Katie's Imagination Grows

I have to say that Katie is developing a huge imagination. When she takes a tubby, she likes to play around in the bath water. She tells me that she is a mermaid and she'll splash around. Of course, most of the water ends up on the bathroom floor. She likes to pretend that she is a ballerina. She'll get up on her tip toes and put her arms around to her head and dance around. So cute! I wished I could get it on video. The other day, she was play behind one of our chairs. She said it was her castle. I asked her if she was the princess to the castle. "Yeah!" she replied. I draped a big blanket over the chair and opening into the Kitchen. It made a perfect roof for her castle. She was so excited that she wanted me to squeeze into her castle with her.

Well, I got the beach dress through eBay. I'm not too proud of the price I paid for the dress. Eek! It was a battle and I don't know if I went overboard, but this is the only dress that I really fell in love with. According to the description, the dress is fully lined white pillowcase dress from the boutique brand "Just in Case". It has satin bows at the shoulders, cot tom trim at the hem and intricate white embroidery at the bottom. It is 25 inches long and no stains or fading. For the price I paid, she may have to use it for Easter, Decoration Day, Birthday party & beach vacation. I'm seriously thinking about selling some of Katie's other clothes, so I can pay for the special occasion dresses.

This is another dress, I've been bidding on for Katie's Easter dress. Isn't it pretty? I thought she would look so adorable in this dress for special occasions as well. I've been bidding on this dress a few days before I found the pillowcase dress. So far, I'm still in the lead with this bid, but I have a feeling not for long. Since I spent more than I wanted to on the beach dress, I've decided not to bid anymore on this dress. I hate to see it go, but there are lots more out there just like it or close.

I went through my closet this morning and bagged up lots of clothes that either don't fit or I never wore them that much. I got two large trash bags full and I'm planning on taking them to a shelter for under privilege families.

Dad, Katie and myself didn't get to go visit with Mom today because she is having some bowel problems. The nurse felt it would be best, if she didn't have any visitors today. Maybe tomorrow she'll feel better. It's a good thing, I didn't tell Katie that we were going to see Grandma today. She would have drove me crazy wanting to go. I've learned that lesson so many times. I'll tell Katie we are going to a specific place or see a specific person and our plans would fall through. It really disappoints her. I spoke to Dad at 2:30 and he said the rehab clinic had just called him. They were sending Mom by ambulance back to the hospital for her to see Dr. Harsh, Neurosurgeon. They want him to check out her back in ER and see if it is alright. Dad said the nurse told him at one time, Dr. Harsh may want to open up her scar and clean it out real good. Dad acted like he would have met up with Mom at the ER, but Mom told him not to. She said that she wanted him to wait and see what they say at the hospital. She has been through so much. Please keep her in your thoughts. I will keep you up-to-date on her recovery. Thanks!

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Laura said...

I was watching the same exact dress!! I'm referring to the white and lavendar one! Both are too pretty!