Sunday, January 13, 2008

Our Weekend!

Yesterday, Sherry, June and myself met Maryann and Natalie at Cracker Barrel for a ladies brunch. I just love Cracker Barrel's breakfast. No, I didn't take Katie with us. Doug was nice enough to watch her for a few hours for me. I wanted to be able to visit with my aunt, sisters and niece without having to tire myself watching over Katie. Beside, Doug said they had a good time playing and watching TV. I think it did them both some good to spend time together. After brunch, we went shopping for Mom. According to her therapist and nurses, she doesn't have enough clothes with her. So, Dad gave us Mom's Belk card. Yes! Let's go shopping. We got her three night gowns. Two looked like big dress shirts with collar that buttoned in the front. They both had strips (pink & turquoise), but one was made of silk and the other cotton. The other gown was a pretty, soft, pink pull over. Maryann also got Mom a nice sportswear pant set. After we bought Belk out, I took Sherry and June back to their place. They had to get freshened up before going to visit Mom that evening.

I got home just in time to take a little nap with Katiebug before we left again. CompUSA is going out of business and Doug wanted to check it out for good deals. He took us to The Olive Garden for supper. Oh my gosh! The wait was 45 minutes long and with Katie it felt more like 45 hours. As much as I love The Olive Garden, I couldn't believe I was suggesting to Doug that we leave and go to McDonalds. On the way to CompUSA, we stopped by Best Buy. I got a couple good movies, they had on sale - "The Last Holiday" and "Yours, Mine & Ours." I had to get "Rush Hour 3" to add to our collection. Katie is beginning to get interested in the Veggie Tales at church. I found one that the story is based around "The Wizard of Oz." I thought it would be a nice gift for Valentines Day. She keeps asking about it because she knows that we bought it. I wanted to go walk around Target, so Doug dropped us off there while he went to CompUSA. I have so much fun looking at all the neat stuff at Target. I guess it's a good thing, we don't have one close by us. With my Christmas money, I got a new stainless steal 8 qt. stock pot. I'm so excited. My 6 qt. stock pot has seen better days because I use it all the time. I checked out their gardening stuff for kids. Yes. I found a bug catcher and matching magnifying glass for Katiebug. It has butterflies on it. I think she will love it! I plan on giving it to her for Valentines Day as well. Katie was so good while I shopped, so I took her to the toy section. She wanted to see Strawberry Shortcake, but they didn't have any. I think everyone is still under the Christmas shock. Maybe in a couple of months, they'll be able to have their shelves fully stocked once again. We did however get to check out all the Barbies. She has been begging me for a Barbie, but I think we are going to let the Easter Bunny give her, her first Barbie doll. We went by the party supplies and I ask her what kind of birthday party would she want. She couldn't make up her mind between Strawberry Shortcake and Hello Kitty. I thought she would pick out Tinker Bell or Mermaid, but she seemed to like Hello Kitty the best. They didn't have birthday stuff with Strawberry Shortcake. We'll see if she changes her mind in a few months.

Poor Katiebug got a cut on the tip of her right ear. It was my volunteer day at church in her class. I kept getting on to her and Claire, girlfriend, for running around in the room. I didn't see it happen, but Kathy, another volunteer, saw Katie slip on some books in the floor and hit a chair with her head. I cleaned out the cut and put some medicine on it. Tonight, we went to June and Pat's for supper and she showed everyone her boo-boo. June said she accidentally touched Katie's boo-boo and she said that Katie let her know right off the bat that was her hurt ear. It must hurt because when I put some more medicine on it before she went to bed, she jerked as if it was sore.

Most of us got together tonight to throw Roger and Sherry a goodbye supper and give them some gifts to show our appreciation. They are planning on leaving in the morning. We sure are going to miss them. I know Katie has taken a liking to them both. All the food there tonight was so good, too good. Pat grilled out steaks. With our steaks, we had potatoes, salad, macaroni casserole, barbecue bread and dinner rolls. For dessert, Susan brought Chocolate Eclair. Katie was running wild. Nicholas got out his crown from Homecoming and put it on Katie. We got a few pictures during the night. You'll have to check the rest of them out on our photosite.

Susan and her family visited Mom this morning and she said that she did so good. With her pulling herself around in bed, her sheets were all mangled. With Susan's help, Mom got out of bed, so Susan and Leslie could straighten it up. I forgot to ask about the culture that was done on her back the other day. Katie and I are to meet Dad tomorrow afternoon to visit Mom for a little bit. So maybe I'll get my answers about the results of the culture then.

Oh, I've been eBaying again. I found a pretty Easter/Portrait dress for Katie. It's white and lavender smock with ribbons that hang down. I still have a couple of days left on it. I hope we can get it. I think it would be perfect! Laura, I also found a beautiful white beach dress. So pretty! It's considered a pillow dress, but it doesn't look like a pillow dress at all. It has straps with bows on it and there is some embroidery at the bottom of the dress. I hope we can get it! I have until tomorrow afternoon before the bidding ends.

Have a great Monday and don't work too hard! Love ya!

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