Thursday, January 10, 2008

Visit with Mom

Katie and I picked up Dad and Sherry yesterday to visit Mom at the rehab clinic. Mom looked real good and seems to be a little stronger. She said that the therapists have really worked hard with her. They've got her walking on the parallel bars, with a walker and doing lots of exercises. She really enjoyed yesterday's workout because she got to go outside for a little while. She also added that they've got her doing puzzles to wake up her brain. She said she was able to put the puzzle together yesterday a little faster than she did the day before. I was pleased seeing her sit on the side of the bed to eat supper. Last Saturday, she wasn't able to do that because she was so weak. She seems to be eating a little more every day, but the food looks a little more appealing than the food from the hospital. One of the directors from the facility wants to meet with Dad and Maryann next week. They said Mom will be staying at the clinic for three weeks. With this said, I feel comfortable with Mom's progress. I don't think I need to be there every day or every other day. Mom told me after the work out she goes through, she gets real tired. I basically went yesterday because I knew Mom would want to see Katiebug. She hasn't been able to see her for weeks. Katie has never been in a hospital before. She was going crazy, running around Mom's room. She was up and down in Mom's bed, pushing buttons, open and closing the door. Unfortunately for her bottom, she ran away from me once. She soon got restless, so Sherry and her went for little walk around the clinic floor. Sherry said Katie made lots of friends with patients and nurses. When they made it back to the room, Katie wanted me to see all of her friends. She told me, "come on Mom, let's go." Any one she meet in the hallway, she'd start waving and smiling. The elderly patients seemed to enjoy seeing a little girl, full of life, waving and smiling at them. Katie did draw a line when it came to talking with the patients. As soon as they began talking to her, she all of the sudden got real shy. The nurses got a little chuckle watching her. She took up with one of Mom's techs, Daisy. Daisy gave Katie some ice cream, she loved it. We would see Daisy in the hallway and Katie let me know, there was Daisy. I believe Maryann is going to visit her tonight. Susan talked about going this weekend.

Uncle Roger & Aunt Sherry are planning to leave either Sunday or Monday for FL. They have some friends, they want to visit with. Roger plans to go fishing, while Sherry goes shopping with a few of her friends. They'll meet up with their card playing buddies in the evenings & play games all night. Retired life! Sherry said they will stop by here on their way back home. She went on to say that if Mom takes a turn for the worse, they'll come back sooner. We all hope that doesn't happen.

We've had rain off and on for the past couple of days. Katie and I are going to lay low today because we're expecting strong storms. I think it would be a good day to rest and watch movies.

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