Saturday, January 26, 2008

Like Mother, Like Daughter!

As most of you know, I was a huge Barbie doll fan growing up. I had tons of Barbie dolls and you never can have enough Barbie dolls and outfits. I remember playing with my dolls for hours. Well, I have passed the love for Barbie dolls down to Katiebug. She has been begging me for a Barbie now for weeks. Every time we go to Target or WalMart, I make a deal with her. She lets me shop and I let her look at the toys as a reward. Yesterday at WalMart, she kept telling me, as she was holding a Barbie doll, "I check out now Mom." This means she wanted to buy the doll. I told her no that we need to tell the Easter Bunny and see if he'll get it for her for Easter. "Okay." she said. She wanted to see this Barbie Bride and she told me "you tell Easter Bunny. Okay?" I was surprised, she put the doll back without throwing a fit. I felt so bad, but I knew I needed to stick to the plan. I've seen these miniature Barbie Doll sets, like the Disney Princesses. The thing I like about them is most of them come with two sets of outfits that you can mix and match. The best part about it is the outfits snap closed instead of you having to pull and tug on the doll. Katie's ripped off Belle & Mermaid's heads trying to take their outfits off. Sleeping Beauty & another Mermaid's hair is missing because she's tried taking off the outfits. The Miniature Barbies come in different models and run around $7 a set. I thought they would be perfect for our beach trip.

I visited with Mom and Dad a little yesterday. I think they liked the grilled pork chops, I took for supper. She had a small scare yesterday morning. She said she was having real bad pain in her back and couldn't get out of bed. Dad immediately got scared and thought she had another piece of disk come out. She asked him to sit her up. Having lots of pain, he did what she said. She said that once she sat there for a while, the pain began to go away slowly. She doesn't know what happened, but she didn't have the pain the rest of the day. At first, she was afraid to lay back down for awhile. Let's hope this doesn't happen again. She said the case worker & in-home nurse came by. The case worker did an evaluation on her, just to make sure she is the real deal. The nurse helped her with her therapy and she said it went real well. Laura - Mom got your Sunday School Class's card and she wanted me to thank you and your class for all the prayers. She appreciates every ones kindness and prayers towards her.

Katie spent the night with Millard and Peggy, while Doug and I went to the movies. We ended up watching "Untraceable" starring Diane Lane. I love a good "who did it." It was a good movie, but very graphic. I didn't care for how it ended. I think they could have come up with a better ending.

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