Saturday, May 24, 2008


Alise, I hope you had a wonderful birthday party!

Laura - post lots of pictures


I was able to do a little house cleaning today. Wow, what a mess! Our house is back in somewhat of an order. I dug inside the house, while Doug did all of the outside work. We were both wore out by 2:30 this evening. I made up some Ham and Cheese sandwiches for a late lunch and we all took a nap.

Katie had to wear her new Bee dress, she got from Alise. She saw her Daddy outside working and she wanted to go help him. She got her shoes on and started outside, but Doug told me not to let her out. She was so upset that she couldn't because He was spraying for bugs and spiders around the house. Right now, we have a spider problem. Are you having spider problems where you live? It scares me. We apparently have a mosquito problem as well because Katie got ate up this week, while we were working out in the yard. I didn't notice them, but we found bites all over Katie's arms and legs. I guess it's just the beginning - welcome Summer. After Katie's nap, she insisted on changing dresses. She's been begging to wear her birthday dress, yellow eyelet dress. She calls it her Belle dress, like from "The Beauty and The Beast." Well, I caved and let her wear it until it was time to eat supper because she wanted ketsup with her chicken nuggets. I had to pull her out from underneath her table in order to change her clothes. She didn't make it easy on me.

Our 3-in-1 printer died on Doug last night, while he was trying to work on his homework. He was getting aggravated with it, so he just turned everything off and tried again today. It's bad when he has to come to me and ask me to look into it. It kept saying there was a paper jam, but there really wasn't. I got the flashlight and looked all in it, but nothing. We tried restarting it and continued selecting "enter." We feel it died, but it's been a great printer. I know I've really used the heck out of it for some ten odd years. I'm just glad it decided to die after Doug's birthday party. Shoo! God was watching over me. Doug went to town tonight to get a new one. He saw where OfficeMax had their 3- in-1 printers on sale for $50 something. I told him that was a good buy because the other one, I believe, we paid close to $100. It's amazing how electronics is more reasonable now then what they cost years ago. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad.

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