Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More Fancy Nancy!

Okay, I found all kinds of cute activities on the web in connection with "Fancy Nancy." I never even knew that there was an actual doll. By the way, the doll is entirely too expensive for Katie to have right now. I'm diggin' all the dress up stuff though. I was looking through all the printables and Katie saw Fancy Nancy. I asked her if she liked Fancy Nancy for her party. Her eyes got big and she became very excited. Of course, she thinks "Fancy Nancy" is coming to her party and she thought her party was today. I went ahead and got a party supplies estimate of what it would cost from Birthday Express, to get an idea. I've got the order all ready, but I wanted to check out a few places first before I turned in the order. I spent most of the night checking out party supply places for the "Fancy Nancy." I like to get quotes and compare to see what would be the better buy. Thus far, Birthday Express is the only place you can find "Fancy Nancy." Can you tell that I'm beginning to get worked up and excited about Katie's Birthday Party? If I can't find any other place for the supplies, I'll place the order by the first week in June. You have to allow 10 days for the shipping and I want to cover the items that might be shipped separate and any other surprises that might come my way. Now, I need to decide if I want Katie's 3rd birthday pictures made before the party or after. I can't decide.

I found a neat idea through Nestle's website for having cake baked in ice cream cones. I don't think I've seen something like that before, but I like it and it's suppose to be easy. In the recipe, it suggested mixing in chopped up butterfinger candy bars and stirring it in the cake batter before baking it. After spreading the icing, sprinkle a little more butterfinger crumbs on top. Really a cute idea.

Mom Update
Sandy called me this afternoon and let me know that Mom was moved into a regular hospital room. She assured me that she was doing real well. They sat her up on the side of the bed for 10 minutes and she was able to put her arms up over her head. Dr. King hopes to have Mom released from the hospital as soon as possible. He said her levels including the Protein are back to normal. They haven't had to give her an insulin shot in several days because her sugar levels are back normal as well. She still has a feeding tube in her stomach and is on a liquid diet. Sandy said her appetite is about the same, she eating fairly well.

CPSC Recall Notices
  1. Master Toys & Novelties Inc. Recalls Little Rider Toys Due to Violation of Lead Paint Standard. Link: http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/prhtml08/08272.html
  2. Douglas Co. Recalls Children’s Blankets Due to Strangulation Hazard. Link: http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/prhtml08/08275.html

American Idol

Are you watching American Idol? GO DAVID COOK! I really hope he wins!


Anonymous said...

My mom use to bake cake into ice cream cones when I was little! I have done it for Emma too. She loved it!!!

sarah and allan said...

I'm watching it! go david cook. I showed emma this blog and of course she said that she wanted a fancy nancy party too. lol of course. i told her we would read the books tonight before bed and talk about party ideas.

Laura said...

I thought you were making fun of me when I first saw that Picture of Fancy Nancy! (about my blog and young girls getting facials). anyway, just an FYI, I was at party city in Shreveport this weekend and I did not see any FN stuff there.