Thursday, May 8, 2008

I'm Ready To Party!

I think we're ready for the big 4-0 party for Doug on Saturday. Peggy called me this morning offering to watch Katie today, while I got all the last minute preparations finished. I really appreciated it because I got everything finished and ready to go - I THINK.

When I got home, Will and Katie were playing in the house and having a blast. Evelyn came over later tonight and visited for awhile. She seems to be doing better. Her kids have been staying with her all this time, so I'm sure that helps a lot. I believe she said that they were going to stay through the weekend and head on home. I think her son was wanting to make sure everything, maintenance wise, was up-to-date before he left. Evelyn said her brother from TN offered to come get her and take her back home with him for a long visit. She said she wasn't ready right now, but she might later. I think it will do her some good later to get a way for a while.

Sandy called me this morning. She said Mom was having a good day. Her body has accepted the feeding tube and Dr. King said Mom was free of C. dif. Sandy told me she didn't seem agitated or upset all morning. She seems to think Mom's swelling has come down. Both Dad and Sandy were surprised to see Mom using her arms more, this is a very good sign. Sandy thinks it won't be long before they take her out of ICU and into a room. We are hoping once she is in a room, she'll get some strength back from the feeding tube to where she will begin eating on her own. We feel a lot of her problem with not eating is from the medicine she's been on. I've looked up the side effects and I remember seeing where she could have lose of appetite.

Either Millard or Doug watched way too many John Wayne Western movies. Check out how his cowboy's hat is cocked just like John Wayne. I love the gloves!

My little Heisman sporting off his football attire.

I hope you've enjoyed viewing Doug's old picture as much as I have. I thought I would post old photos of him as he was growing up until his birthday, which is May 12th. It's been fun!


Brad and Jennifer Oglesby said...


Could you see if you can find that shirt that Doug wore on his 24th and 26th birthday and get him to put it on again? Those of us at work would love to see that. We have definitely enjoyed seeing these older pictures of Doug.


The Thorsrud Family said...

alright...those cowboy pics are the CUTEST CUTEST CUTEST pics so far. I LOVE THEM!! haha! I have loved seeing them, tell him happy birthday! Love and miss all of you!

sarah and allan said...

Update your blog and post some pictures!!!! We want to see and hear about the party. ;-)

we wish we could of been there to party with you all.