Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!



I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. It's been kind of a blur to me. As you may know Nicholas graduated yesterday. CONGRATS NICHOLAS! Doug and I were running late because we thought we could squeeze in a Walmart trip for later that day. Unexpectedly, Katie's Pull-Ups leaked and got her outfit soaking wet. Ugh! We were heading out the door to go to the Graduation too. I was so disappointed, but there was nothing I could do except get her cleaned up and changed. We got to the chapel a little before 2:00 and the ceremonies started at 2:00. The church was packed, but Wade was nice enough to let me take his seat. Isn't that so sweet? We all (9) squeezed together and got Wade to sit next to me. We were all either sitting sideways or up on the edge of the pew. I couldn't keep a straight face throughout the ceremonies because Dad, Wade and Sandy. They were so funny. After everyone sang the National Anthem, Dad pipes in "play ball." Oh my gosh, how funny. He said it loud, but hopefully not too loud because the only person that acted on it (laughing) was the guy sitting in front of Dad. The guy had to turn around to see who it was saying "play ball." I have to say, Katie was very good through the whole thing. She walked up and down the kneeling bench. She was picking on Jon, Susan, Dad and myself or we would pick on her. Then, she would get into her bag and get out some snacks. She had to show everyone her "Fancy Nancy" book, she got from Walmart. I guess the ceremonies lasted 1 1/2 hours. I thought that was good because I've been to one of these things and it be closer to 2-2 1/2 hours long. I was surprised. It was humid outside, so we didn't hang around too long after the graduation. Doug and I went back home and changed into some comfortable clothes before going to June and Pat's house for Nicholas' Graduation Party. Whitney told me to bring Katie's swimmingsuit. While getting Katie's swimmingsuit, I went ahead and grabbed her floaties that she didn't use last year. Oh my gosh! She loves the swimming pool. She stayed in it as long as the cousins were in it. Whitney really worked with her on swimming from the pool stairs to her. Her little feet were kicking away. I was so proud of her. She'd get my attention, "look Mom, watch me!" She'd kick those feet and most of the time go around in a circle, until Whitney got ahold of her. At one time, we caught her wanting to climb up the ladder of the slide. Apparently, when she couldn't go that way, she decided to get on the slide closer to the pool. She did! She climbed up on the slide and sled a little ways into the pool. Whitney just so happen to be right by the slide on the swallow end, to catch her. Yes, Katiebug went under water, but luckily Whitney caught her just in time. Katie had her floaties on, so she didn't go far under water. Shoo! According to the pictures, I see she did it again and again with the kids close by to catch her. Ugh! I think Nicholas had a nice party. We were so tired by the time we got back home.

Today, we grilled out some Ribeye Steaks on Millard's new grill. Yummy! Peggy made baked potatoes, salad, baked beans and apple pie for later. Yum! Henry was able to come over and eat with us. The rest of the afternoon, Millard, Henry and Doug kept their noses to their computers. Too funny! After we ate, I tried to get Katie to lay down and take a quick nap. Nope, it wasn't going to happen today. After getting relaxed, I had a hard time waking up. I suggested us going outside and walking around, instead of sitting there watching either TV or the guys with their computers. I tried to get Katie interested in making a clover necklace, but I couldn't remember for the life of me, how to make one. I tried tying knots and the clover stems would break off. Ugh! I sat there for a long time, but was only able to make a strand long enough for a ring. What a disappointment! Later, as I was telling Susan and Sandy about my necklace inabilities, Sue reminded me to make slits in the stem. Okay, I'll try that next time.

At 3:30, we headed over to Susan and Tim's house for Leslie's Graduation Party. On the way over there, we got to see the Mule Deer again. The bucks were resting in the tall grass by the fence, next to the road. There were several because you could see their antlers sticking out. The large herd were either laying or standing around very close to the road and they were not afraid of the our car. I really wanted Katie to see them, but she fell asleep and missed out. Susan and Tim had smoked some chicken and grilled ribs. Everything was so good! A few of us were sitting by the pond, eating supper and talking. Susan told Leslie to show Katie the baby bull frogs. I couldn't understand fully what Susan was talking about. I've never seen baby bull frogs. Katie wouldn't touch the frogs. In fact, she was more comfortable if Leslie just held them and let her watch them. She finally brought one over for me to see. Oh my gosh! I've never seen such teeny tiny baby frogs before. They were about the size of a pencil eraser, if that big. After Katie had her fill with the frogs, Leslie baited her hook on a fishing pole and helped Katie catch a fish. Oh Katie was so excited that she got to reel in her first fish. She was amazed to see a big fish like that up close without any glass, but didn't want to touch it. I think Susan took a picture of her with her fish. Of course, she wouldn't look at the camera. Boy, after her and Natalie put the fish in the basket, that's all she talked about while we were at the pond. I didn't fish, instead I sat down by Sandy and watched her and Leslie fish. I was a little concerned about sitting down on the ground because there were tiny little bull frogs jumping all over the ground like crickets. I've never seen such! I was afraid I was either going to squish one or it would jump up in my shorts. It wasn't long before the rains rolled in and was set for the rest of the day. We moved our party out to the garage. I got tickled at Katie because she would inch her way outside and get wet. Leslie and her finally did the rain dance, which lasted maybe a couple of minutes. Oh, she loved that and wanted to do it again. When the rains stopped for a little bit, I let her go out and play in the puddles. She was having a ball. When she was ready to wash her hands, Leslie took her inside for a tubby. She got to bathe with Leslie's special bubble bath and Leslie had fun playing with Katie's hair. If there was some way to get Katie home tomorrow, I think Leslie would have wanted Katie to spend the night tonight. We just couldn't get it to work out. Katie was wore out by the time we got home around 9:00, but we had a great weekend.

Dad told me tonight that Mom's appetite seems to improve daily. She still has a feeding tube, but they are planning to take it out for a few days to see if she will eat good without it. She is getting bored and can't wait to get out of that bed. I believe, they are planning to get her out of the bed tomorrow and see if she will be able to start eating in the Dining Hall. They are having to take baby steps with her recovery. Thank you for the many prayers and please continue.

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