Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Golden Compass

Okay, I know I tried to discourage you from watching this atheist originated childrens movie. Doug apparently likes for us to stay aware of anti-Christian books and movies like "The DaVinci Code" and now "The Golden Compass." He likes to stay prepared to explain the false teachings. "The Golden Compass" movie is based on the first book of three "His Dark Material" written by the world renown atheist, Philip Pullman. From the source of information that I've read about this man and his agenda for Christians is very disturbing for future generations. His main goal is to pretty much brain wash our children about the truths of God and promote atheism. As a Christian, I'm offended by this man and his stupid books/movie. If I was Catholic I would be very offended because the movie passes them off as the evil-doers. I've read that the movie is very watered down compared to the book for a specific reason. Parents wouldn't feel threatened about their children watching the movie and therefore may not feel threatened to give the books to their children to read. The last book "The Amber Spyglass" in the trilogy makes God to look like a senile, weak, old man that's trapped in the dead souls. Finally the children kill off God (Pullman's painted God as being evil and all the fallen angels, witches, and lying children are good) and everything is roses. I hope you are aware that Satan aka DEVIL is a fallen angel. Can I just say one word? SCARY!

I found an electronic book "The Golden Compass: Agenda Unmasked" put out by the Catholic League from New York, New York. After reading this booklet, it just makes me love C.S. Lewis and "The Chronicles of Narnia" more. I have the "...Narnia" movie, but I'm tempted to purchase the books and movies for gifts. I liked "The Lord of the Rings" movies, but I don't own any of them. The only thing is Pullman hates Lewis more and he hopes that his children books to be more popular than Lewis'. Ugh! That makes me mad! Parents, I think it would be wise to at least read this book from Catholic League, so you can be prepared. I felt it important to put this link on my favorite links. This way, if any of our children later down the road get wind of this atheist's books or pathetic movies, we'll be prepared.

Now that I hopefully have your juices flowing, Doug had to go into work for a little bit today. Business is booming! We are going to Peggy and Millard's tonight. Peggy wants one of Doug's personal pan pizzas for her birthday dinner tonight. The last time Doug made one of his pizzas, it was so good. Instead of making the pizza crust, he bought a pre-made crust and it was so much easier for Doug to assemble.

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sarah and allan said...

we steered clear of that movie too. The previews sure did make it look good. I was sorry that nicole kidman was in it. I use to like her alot. boo. those pics of katie in the bucket are cute.

do you think cook or the other david will win? i really hope cook wins. the other one is a lil young and kinda boring in his songs to me but he seems to have a following. i just think cook is more talented.