Wednesday, May 7, 2008

More Faith Tests

Mom's Condition
Okay, just when you report good news, bad news soon follows. Right? Sandy called me this morning with a report of Mom's condition today. I knew something was strange when she asked me "are you alright today?" She said Dr. King is very concerned about Mom's nutrition. She's still not eating unless you practically force it down her throat. He confirmed she is very malnourished, even though you can't tell it because she is so swollen. The Dietitian reassured Sandy, Dad & Sherry that a feeding tube is probably the best thing because we have all tried to get Mom to eat. She said Mom was very agitated because she didn't want that feeding tube back in her. They have to see within 24 hours if her body will reject the feeding tube. Sandy told me how mean Mom was acting today. The nurse needed her to swallow a few meds and she wouldn't. Sandy tried sneaking it in her food, but she soon figured it out and spit the pills back out. Sandy finally put the pills back in Mom's mouth to swallow and Mom asked her what she thought she was doing. She wasn't suppose to take those pills and spit them out. Sandy said Mom was so agitated that she bit her finger over the whole pill situation. Ugh!

Dr. King was also concerned about Mom's tongue being black, so they called in my cousin, Dr. Hugh Brindley (dentist), to check her out. Hugh said her tongue was black because she wasn't swallowing her food and it decayed on her tongue. He cleaned her tongue and teeth good. Sandy said it looks much better, no smell and her tongue is pink again. Shoo!

At one time, it was mentioned that Dad needed to get Mom to sign a "Living Will." Well, I don't' think he wanted to think about it at that moment. Dad listened to Hugh's advise about the "Living Will." Hugh even told him that he should get one wrote up just in case. Well, Dad and Sandy got the will and went over it with Mom, while she still has her mind. Dad is suppose to meet up with an attorney about his rights if and when Mom will go into a Nursing Home. There is just no way Dad can take care of her in this state with a possible permanent feeding tube in her stomach, Diabetes and not being able to walk. Our hands are tied because we can't possibly take full time care of her. Dad and I barely made it during the one week, she was home.

American Idol
Well, Dr. Dread has left the building. I didn't get to watch the performances yesterday, but I did see the previews tonight. Oh my gosh! Yeah, Jason was never my favorite, but really. He was awful and I think he expected to be voted off the show. Now we are down to three people - Syesha & the two Davids. I still say David Cook will win it.

Doug's Party
Okay, I've got to get on the stick. I spent most of the day working on the slideshow and playlist. Before I knew it, it was 5:00 o'clock and I still hadn't made it to Walmart. Ugh! I've got get to Walmart to finish the vases and posters. Then, I've got to find two more signs for the road and I've got to order the cake from Walmart. I started to call and order it that way, but I'm afraid some wires will be crossed. I would much rather go to the store and order it that way. I was going to get just one cake, but I think I should get two cakes. I'll have to talk with the ladies and get their opinion.

Okay, I love the fact that children want to play with Katie. It's wonderful. With that said, it's the constant whining & taddle tailing that gets next to me. I try to understand that's the way kids can be at times. One of Katie's older friends came over and wanted to play with her, but she was still taking a nap. He asked to play in the sandbox until she woke up. Katie took about a 30 minute nap. I was on the phone when she woke up and got into the lotion. She had lotion all over her, I turned around to get a wash cloth and there was Will. He wanted Katie to go outside to play with him. Alright, great idea. I really don't like to leave them alone because a few days ago, Will and Katie both were out in the road playing. Ugh! Doug spotted them and I couldn't get to them because I was in the back yard. Today, I felt at ease as long as I could see Will's head. I told Will not to go to the road and especially not to let Katie go with him. I told him that she wasn't allowed in the road for any reason. Apparently, his Mom and Grandma got a hold of him because he told me "yeah, I know." Thankfully, he wanted to come in and play for a while in Katie's room. I was trying to hurry up and clean the house, when the taddle tailing started. Okay, I was thinking to myself. I said self, we don't have time for this. Will didn't want Katie knocking down his blocks, he didn't want her to play with his toys that he brought over, and he didn't want her wrestling with him. At first, I tried to explain to him that she was still a baby and she doesn't understand a 7 year old very well. She just thinks he's funny. By the time he was telling me she won't play his games, I told them to figure it out for themselves. I sounded so much like my Mother. The only time I got rough with Katie is when she threw her Miss Spider doll at Will, hurting his arm, and she threw something else. When Will got hurt with Miss Spider, I made her apologize and give him a hug. The next time, I made her sit in time out for 3 minutes. She was all upset and Will seemed satisfied. So, he decided to go back home until her 3 minutes were up. Ugh! I got her out of time out early because he left. Just when I got her involved in dusting the furniture with me. I went to vacuum the floor and there he was again. I asked him "didn't you go home?" "Yeah, to get another toy" he said. He had a fit over the last toy he had here because Katie kept taking it away from him. I told him that if he didn't like Katie playing with his toys, then don't bring them over here. I think it went in one ear and out the other. Katie learned a new phrase from him today, "that's not fair." She continued to say that phrase the rest of the night. I finally told her that life wasn't fair, another one of Mom's sayings. I'm officially turning into my Mother, which I guess is alright. I was washing my Kitchen floor and Will announced he was hungry. I thought he would go back home to get a bite to eat. No, he asked me if we had rice for him to eat. Rice? Now, I have to say that's the first time I heard a kid ask me for rice to eat. Most kids like sweets and salty snacks like candy, chips and popcorn. Not rice! He was very disappointed that I didn't have rice, but he settled for chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven. I gave them two cookies each, but Will informed me that Katie ate one of his cookies. Fine, get another. I never really thought of my daughter being a bully, but according to all the taddle tailing from Will, she appears to be. She beat him up and stole his toys and cookie. Oh well! Life goes on. Right?

This was Doug's first dirt bike. My little dare devil!

Casey and Doug. I think the Chow-Chow came from Brenda, but I'm not for sure.

Millard bringing Doug up right.

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Laura said...

Girl, you had me laughing out loud about Will & Katie. I'm afraid I would have had to be really ugly. Especially if I was doing all the things your were doing. As you can tell, I don't have very much patience.

I just don't understand why your mom won't eat? Or even take her meds? Doesn't she understand that she will get better? I'm not being ugly, I just don't understand why it seems she's given uP? What about her grandchildren?

I have really enjoyed the pics of Douglas! Too funny!

See ya'll tomorrow! Alise is so excited to see Katie!