Thursday, May 22, 2008

Gettin' Things Done

Millard and Peggy came by this afternoon to pick up Katie for the day. My brain went into overload of all the errands I needed to run. What a perfect opportunity!

When they left with Katie, I went to June's to drop off a few things for both her and Sandy. June is throwing Nicholas a Graduation party on Sunday night. She wanted to borrow a few things I had for the party. I wanted to help Liz and Nolan with a few baby things, so they wouldn't have to pack so much on the plane. It's not much just a portable high chair, monitor, disposable bibs and toys for the Maddie and Jake. Monday, I'll get the Pack and Play from Millard and Peggy to take to Sandy. Hopefully, they will be set by the time they get here.

I couldn't really visit with Dad and June because I had to stop by The Movie Gallery to return Doug's movie. He rented the newest "Die Hard" movie with Bruce Willis. I never was a big "Die Hard" fan, but this movie was pretty good. Anyway, I had to get it back before my 2:00 hair appointment. Yes, I said HAIR appointment.

I've been growing out my hair out for the past 6 months in hopes of a new style. It was getting a little unbearable when I finally decided it was time to shape it up and color this gray. Yuck! Oh, I've got to tell you. As soon as I walked into the shop, I could smell the solution for either color or perm. Right away, it cut my air off. I was sucking on a piece of peppermint, but it wasn't phasing it. My eyes teared up and I started coughing. Honestly, I couldn't stop coughing! I had to leave the building and go back to my truck to catch my breath. Luckily, I had a cup of apple juice in the truck to sip on and try to control myself. I didn't know what I was going to do, if I couldn't take the smell without coughing. I bought a coke from the outside vending machine and explained to Theresa what was going on. We took frequent breaks, so I could get a drink and cough. I like new hairstyle, but wow do I look different. Of course, Doug said he couldn't tell, but I sure can. Theresa really thinned it out where it won't be so heavy and sticking to my head. I have a feeling though that my hair is going to stick to my head regardless. That's just the way my hair does. I told Theresa that I finally bought a flat iron this week to help shape my hair a little and she told me about spraying on this stuff by Kenra to prevent from the flat iron frying my hair. I didn't know that a flat iron could be that damaging. She said it won't, if you don't use it a lot. I went ahead and got me some of that stuff because I will probably use it a lot and I don't want to damage my hair. Today was the first time I've used a flat iron ever. I think I like it much better than a curling iron. I had to do something because I have no more curl in my hair and when I would try to slightly curl some of it under or flip it out, it would be too extreme.

Mom was finally released from the hospital this afternoon and was transferred by ambulance to a local Nursing Home. After I got my hair cut, I headed to the Nursing Home to visit her. Because I've been so sick with allergies and sinus junk, I haven't been able to see Mom in over a week. I've missed her so much and it was so good to see how well she's been doing. Sure, my sisters and Dad have kept me up-to-date on her recovery, but it's not the same as when you see her for yourself. She seems happy to be closer to home. I checked out the facility as I was walking to her room and it seemed very nice. Every staff member that I ran into or met was very friendly and everyone had a smile on their face. It didn't smell like a hospital or medicine, so that was good. When you look out the window there are some beautiful gardens with water fountains, veggie gardens, gazebo, swings and bird feeders. I've heard nothing but nice things about this place and I think Mom will be happy here. I really like that there is no restricted visitation time. I didn't stay long because she was so tired from the ride. I guess I visited with her approximately 30-40 minutes before leaving. June told me this morning that this place is in connection with a preschool, where once a week (I believe) the children come over and visit with the elderly. I think that's the best therapy. Pets and children are very welcome and you could go outside into one of the gardens and visit. Mom can't wait to see April, her little dog. She hasn't seen April for weeks, so I know that will be good therapy for her. She will be undergoing some physical therapy while she's there. I'm kind of glad about that and she's seems excited about wanting to walk again. She was trying to feed herself while I was there. She did pretty good, but still had some problems judging where her mouth was located. It's just going to take time.

On the way to the Nursing Home, I stopped by some friends of ours, Mike and Sheila's store. I've had this baby shower gift for their daughter for months and I never could either find the time to take it over or too tired. Of course, I didn't make the baby shower. Well, the baby is two months old and I finally decide to take the gift to her. Ugh! We got baby Reese one of those light up car mirrors that play music. We couldn't live without one when Katie was an infant. It helps out so much, especially when we drove at night because she was scared of the dark. Now, I've got to get Mike and Sheila's son a baby shower gift. They've already had the shower, but the baby hasn't come yet. I don't remember how long they've got before the baby gets here. If you seem a little confused about Mike and Sheila and the grandbabies. Yes, their daughter, Misty, just gave birth to a baby girl, Reese. Their son, Rusty, and his wife are expecting a baby boy. Isn't that great? When I got to the store, Mike was on the phone talking business, so I got to visit with Misty. Oh my gosh the pictures of Reese are all over that office. Too funny! I didn't get to see the baby because Sheila took the baby with her to the house for the day. Mike was a typical proud granddad, beaming with joy.

When I left the Nursing Home, I stopped off at the grocery store to grab a couple more Ribeye Steaks for Memorial Day. Warehouse Discount Grocery have a pretty good sale going on right now $5.98 lb. Normally, Ribeyes run around $9-$10 lb. I've been so hungry for a good juicy steak in quite sometime. Ribeyes are my favorite, so Monday will be a treat. We are planning to spend most of Memorial Day with Peggy and Millard. I'm thinking that maybe Katie needs to make some chocolate chip cookies for dessert. I'll have to think about it.

I started on my way home from the grocery store, when I began to wonder if maybe Maryann was home. I knew Ryan and Kacy Rae were coming in today from SC. I've never met Kacy and was excited to finally met the love of my nephew's life. Sure enough, they were all home. I couldn't stay long because of the food, but I had to stop by and say hi before going home. Ryan was right there to give me a hug. He always gives the best hugs. He's so tall and long armed that it just wraps right around you like a good bear hug. Poor Kacy looked like she was scared to death. Bless her heart, I remember meeting Doug's family for the first time. You are sweating to death and afraid to say anything for fear you might offend someone. She was standing not saying much and smiling. I didn't want to seem obvious that I wanted to met her, so I took my time getting to her. I chit chatted with Ryan for a little bit. I made it over to Whitney and Natalie. I had to ask their opinion about my hair - too late to change it if they didn't like it. I expect them to tell me the truth. Whitney and Natalie went on about it like they liked it. They did say it was going to take some getting use to seeing me with such straight hair. I had to agree with them, but I think I might like it. Poor Ryan had to tear me away from Whit and Nat to introduce me to Kacy. You know us girls, we never get tired of talking about hair styles, men and clothes. Kacy seemed very nice and so pretty. I am jealous though, she is so teeny tiny. I bet when Ryan gives her one of his good bear hugs, she disappears because she's that petite.

By the time I put up the food and checked on Katie, Doug drove up in the driveway. I thought about making breakfast for supper, but he wanted Sweet Peppers Deli. Lately, he's been addicted to their chef salads. I tried a different sandwich called BBC. It's Roast Beef, Bacon and melted Cheddar Cheese on a whole wheat hoagie bun. It was pretty good, but I love their Chicken Salad on Greens. Yummy!

Our local National Guard troops came home today from serving a little over year in Iraq. The town had a big parade type welcome home. I didn't see the parade, but Theresa told me it was impressive. I guess it was impressive because it made the news tonight.

I was so relieved to get all of these things accomplished in one day. Thank you again Peggy. I sure do appreciate all you have done for us.

My brother-in-law, Wade, flies in tomorrow. Sandy and I are going to go pick him up from the airport. It will be good to see Wadie. He is such a sweetheart and I know Sandy misses him so much. Whitney is such an angel for agreeing to watch Katie for me.

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