Monday, May 19, 2008

Just a Quick Update

Thank God's great goodness because Katie didn't have any diarrhea this morning. Shoo! Her bottom was still a little red, but no blisters. I had to fight her tooth and nail again to put some more Smoothebutt Salve. This salve I get from our pharmacist works wonders. I recommend it to any one with children, no matter what the age. I've never tried it on me, but I've been tempted at times. If she still doesn't have any diarrhea, I plan on putting panties on her. I'm hoping it will help air out her bottom and heal her rash.

I spoke to Sandy earlier and she said Mom was doing good this morning. The doctor has approved her moving out of ICU and into a room. Sandy is planning on spending the next couple of night with her, while she's still at the hospital. I didn't get to talk with Sandy long because her and Dad were going inside Walmart. She is suppose to call me back later with another update and a room number for Mom. I passed the news along to Aunt Sherry, but she told me that Sandy said Mom would probably leave the hospital by Wednesday. I had heard rumors of her leaving that early, but nothing official. I don't know where Mom will be headed next, the Nursing Home or a Rehabilitation Center. I don't know if the Nursing Home has the capabilities to do rehab on her, while she's there. As soon as I find out more information, I'll let you know.

With that being said, I've been thinking about Katie's birthday party. Now that you guys have heard about there progress on Doug's big birthday party and it's over, you have to hear the next 2 months about plans on Katie's party. Tehe! Doug and I have agreed, we are not having anything big. In fact, I'm thinking about just having family over for cake and ice cream. Peggy gave me of her old "Southern Living" and "Taste of Home" magazines for the past couple of months. I've been thinking about making Katie's birthday cake this year, but I'm not quite sure what kind I want to make. The "Southern Living" magazines gave me some great ideas for the cake. I really like the idea of making ice cream sandwiches made out of brownies, vanilla ice cream and candy sprinkles. The one idea I liked, they cut the brownies into ice cream cone shapes with the ice cream sandwiched between the brownies. I also read how you can make pink rose petals out of gumdrops and sugar. Hmmm! I found a recipe to make an angel food cake and decorate it up with white cream cheese icing and gumdrop petals. Of course, the picture was so pretty and the recipe sounded easy. Oh and I also found an idea to make ice cream cookie truffles. You take small scoups of softened ice cream, roll them around in cookie crumbs and freeze them. When your guests arrive, you can serve the ice cream truffles in a small waffle bowls. Too cute! The big problem is finding out what Katie's theme is going to be. She likes Giselle from "Enchanted", Tinkerbell, Barbie and Hello Kitty. When we went to Party City, she saw the Disney Princess party stuff again and begged for a princess party. I had to explain to her for hundredth time that we had a BIG Disney Princess birthday party last year and we were going to wait a few more years before we have another one.

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