Monday, May 19, 2008

Fancy Nancy

Laura, thank you for letting know about the Fancy Nancy dress up clothes at Target. I tried to find the clothes online, but I couldn't find them. The next time I go to Target, I'll be sure and check it out. Do you remember where you found them? Will I find them in the toy section? Please let me know.

I'm nearly positive that we are going to go with "Fancy Nancy." I had Doug look at it on my blog and he seemed to like it.


Laura said...

I have seen the Fancy Nancy dress up clothes here in Shreveport and also in our store in Monroe. They are in the toy section. At both stores, that were on the end of an aisle. I can't remember what all the pieces were, but I remember seeing the sign "Fancy Nancy." Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

I bought some of the tutu's today in Target in NY.
Make sure you look by the barbie section. Mine were at the end of the back aisle- so unless you look for it you might miss it.