Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Peggy & Happy Anniversary Tim & Sue!


I would like to send out a very Happy Birthday to my Mother-in-law. Peggy - Happy Birthday! I hope you have many many more wonderful birthdays to come.

I wasn't able to get on the computer yesterday to write down my day because I didn't feel all that great. That's why I'm sending out a belated Birthday wish to Peggy. Peggy requested a homemade pizza for her birthday on Saturday. Doug had to go into work for a little bit. So, we were able to spend the late afternoon with Millard and Peggy. I was expecting Doug to make the pizzas, so I thought I would help him with the preparations. As soon as we got there, I started chopping up the bell pepper and cooking the meat. Well, Doug and Millard were outside changing the oil in the car and it was taking forever. Personally, I think Doug planned this whole thing. I figured by the time Doug was able to get back in the house and cleaned up, it would be very late. I decided to pull up my sleeves and try this pizza making thing. I had to call out to Doug a few times to make sure what he normally did, to make sure I was doing it right. I am happy to report, I made my first pizza ever this past weekend. Yes! Are you proud of me? I had absolutely no recipe to go by, so that was a little unnerving. Yeah, there are a few things that I could have done differently and it might have tasted better, but I didn't think it was that bad. We had two pizza crusts loaded with hamburger, mild sausage, bell pepper, black olives, mushrooms, pepperoni and lots of mozzarella cheese. Henry came over a little later and ate some pizza with us. Him and Doug had to give me a little smack about the food, but that's alright. I knew Doug was sucking up to me about it, so he wouldn't have to make them anymore. So, I had to zig him back about how "simple" they were to make. tehe! I had to do it because the way him and Henry were going on and on. I think Peggy had a good birthday party evening, it just didn't last very long.


Happy Anniversary to my sister and her husband, Tim and Susan! Tim and Sue are celebrating their anniversary today.

Yesterday, I got up with the worst sinus pressure in my head and sinuses. Ugh! I felt terrible. I was afraid that I was going straight into a sinus infection because I couldn't tell at all if they were draining. All I could do is treat the symptoms and I'm happy to report that I think it worked because I feel much better this morning. On top of me not feeling well, Katie started getting sick on me as well. Ugh! I changed her pull ups around 3:00 and I noticed some diarrhea. Humm? I don't know if it was something she ate didn't agree with her or she might have had a little bug. I put a little "Smoothebutt Salve" on her because her bottom was looking red. By the time I changed her the third time, she was beginning to show little blisters. Poor baby, she wouldn't let me touch her bottom. Therefore, it was difficult to put more salve on her blisters. I felt bad, but mad at the same time because she was giving me such a fit. One of the times I cleaned her up, I put panties on her so her skin could breathe. I didn't have any diapers in the house and Doug and I wondered if maybe the pull ups were aggravating her skin on top of the diarrhea. He went out trying to get a pack of diapers, while I fought with her putting salve on her irritated skin. I know I was gambling letting her run around with panties on, while there was a risk of her making a huge mess. Before she went to bed, I put pull ups back on her and I could see the blisters were looking better. I went ahead and put a bunch more salve for the night. She did her usual routine of wanting to go potty before she went to bed. I warned her that it will probably hurt her bottom. She didn't care, she still wanted to go sit on the potty. Okay. Sure enough, she pee-peed a little and I guess it started burning her bottom. She had this look on her face, like it really hurt. All she could do was cry. I kept asking her questions - what hurt? She told me her bottom was burning. I felt so bad for her. All I could do was comfort her. As I was tucking her into bed, she told me that she'll feel better tomorrow because she has medicine on her bottom.

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