Friday, May 23, 2008

Wade's Flight Came In

Whitney and Natalie came over and picked up Katie for me this morning. Katie didn't wake up in the best of moods this morning, so I was kind of concerned if she would be good for Whitney and Natalie. I let her run around in her PJs, while I got ready for the day. Today was the first day to play with my new hair style, so I had a little bit of a difficult time. I did the best I could and finally left it alone. I was so aggravated because I dropped my hot spray into the floor. When I picked it up and tried to spray some on my hair, it wouldn't spray. Ugh! I must have broke the nozzle some how. I worked and worked with it before I finally gave up. I don't know what to do now. I guess I could try to see if Theresa might have an empty bottle that I could use the nozzle. I don't know. By the time Whitney and Natalie drove up, Katie was beginning to get really woke up and ready for the day. She was wound up and ready to go hang out with Whitney and Natalie. She was too cute! I forgot to give Whitney Katie's butt paste, in case she was to have diarrhea. I debated on if she would really need it or not. I knew if she did have diarrhea and a butt rash from it, I would feel terrible. I didn't have time to stop and eat at home, so I fixed a sandwich for the road.

Sandy and I went to the airport to pick up Wade. On the way to the airport, we stopped by Maryann and Kevin's to give Whitney the butt paste. The workers were there working on their Kitchen and Katie was right in the middle. Whitney and Natalie said she couldn't get over what they were doing. In fact, she would strike up a conversation with all of them. She'd come up to them and say "hey" or ask "what are you doin'?" Whitney said she even helped open the door for them as they were going in and out. The girls were amazed how Katie would sit by the workers and start talking to them. Too funny! What can I say? She's my little social butterfly.

We got to the airport without any problems and had a few minutes to spare. Sandy was pretty hungry and I needed something to drink. We found a "Golden Rule BBQ" inside the terminal. Sandy ordered fried green tomatoes, while I just got a coke with ice. We sat by the window and watched planes coming in. I was sort of amazed that there were not that many planes flying in and out today, with it being a holiday weekend and Friday. I guess with the price of gas, not every one can afford to fly places during the holiday. Wade's plane was a little late coming in, but got there safe and sound nonetheless. Sandy was so glad to see him. They have such a wonderful bond. I hope Doug and I have that type of bond after 30 years of marriage. It was good to hear Wadie's snort! I get tickled every time I hear it.

Wade felt up to seeing Mom at the Nursing Home, so we headed that way from the airport. Mom was having a bad day today. Sandy seems to think it was from all the excitement yesterday. If you didn't know, Mom and Sandy road in a stripped down ambulance working as just a transporter from B'ham to the Nursing Home. Well, the transport driver got lost on the back roads, instead of taking the interstate. Dumb idea! Sandy told me today that they ended up far East of the Nursing Home in the other county. They were taking that ambulance vehicle down pot hole infested country roads. Mom told me that she just knew, they lost a wheel at one or two of the pot holes. It was a funny story to hear about today, but I'm sure it was horrible to go through. This morning, the nurse told Dad that Mom's blood pressure was extremely high. They called Dr. King and he prescribed some meds for it. Luckily, it went down a little later this morning. Mom told us today that she kept having nightmares about their ambulance adventure all night last night. Whitney, Natalie, Katie, Susan and Dad were there as well visiting Mom. Poor Whitney. She told me that she changed Katie before they left the house to come visit Mom. They forgot to bring Katie's bag. Well, they didn't think that they would need it because they wouldn't be gone that long. Whitney said no sooner did they get to the Nursing Home, Katie pooped in her pull-up. Ha! Ha! Natalie was going on about how bad it smelled. Katie was out in the gardens with Sandy, so I didn't see her. It didn't take long after Katie came into the room, I smelled the stinky pull-up. "Oh Katie, what did you do?" I asked her. She just grinned and giggled. I asked her why didn't she go to the potty? We were all going on about how bad she smelled. Mom seemed very tired and she kept complaining about her stomach hurting. I found out later that they gave her liquid that was a little thicker than what she was use to in her feeding tube. Ryan said that they probably gave her a little too much and she got a stomach ache from it.

Sandy, Wade and Dad wanted to go to Ryan's to eat supper. So, Wade loaded his stuff up in Dad's truck and they left. I went on to Maryann and Kevin's house to visit and pick up Katie. When I got there, Maryann, Ryan and Kacy were looking through some pictures on Ryan's computer. It wasn't long before Whitney, Natalie, Katie and Susan got there. I got to see Maryann and Kevin's new floors and cabinets. Very nice! I thought they had tile put in, but it was really some kind of wood flooring. Susan and I both really liked it.

I guess it was after 6:00 before we got home. Doug was already home updating our TV computer. I've been hungry for a breakfast supper. So, I baked some biscuits, fried a few strips of bacon and scrambled some eggs. It was good! After supper, I fell asleep for a few minutes. Doug was in the computer room taking a test. So by the time, he got back into the Living Room, I put in "National Treasure 2" for us to watch. Doug was getting too tired to watch all of it, so we had to turn it off for the day.

Schedule this week
  • Tomorrow, I plan to clean the house. I don't know what Doug's got planned for tomorrow, but our yard really needs mowed. I hope he is able to cut grass because we are not going to have time this next week.
  • Sunday is Nicholas' Graduation and a party soon after at June and Pat's house.
  • Monday, we are planning to grill out at Millard and Peggy's to celebrate Memorial Day. As you know, I bought some steaks for us to eat that day. Later, we plan to go to Susan and Tim's house for a Graduation Supper Celebration for Leslie. Leslie's Graduation is on a Thursday night, so she's not really able to have a party that night.
  • Wednesday, Liz, Nolan and the kids fly in from out West. They will be staying with Susan and Tim for a couple of days. Their flight is coming in late that day, so I won't be able to go visit them that day. I'm still working out a plan to visit them on Thursday before the Graduation, but I don't think it's going to happen.
  • Thursday is Leslie's Graduation at 8:00 and Doug has to work that day. If I go out there early Thursday morning, I'm going to have to come home to get ready and pick up Doug. The cost of fuel makes that idea nearly impossible. The drive between our house and Sue's is approximately an hour. It's too far to drive back and forth. Ugh!
  • Friday, I believe, Liz, Nolan, Susan, Wade and the children are planning to come back to June and Pat's. They will all have to leave by the first of June. So, I'm hoping to get at least two days of visiting in before they have to leave.

Hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend!

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