Friday, May 30, 2008

Congratulations Leslie!

Katie and I spent the day at Tim and Susan's place yesterday. It was great seeing Liz, Nolan, Maddie and finally meeting Jake. Katie and Maddie seem to hit it off the bat. They ran around the yard and played. I just hope Katie didn't teach Maddie too many bad things like throwing her tenny shoes in the pond. Ha! Ha! I have to back up. Leslie was Katie's buddy most of the day. Leslie took Katie up to the pond, while Liz was trying to get Maddie and Jake to take a nap. It wasn't long before Leslie brought Katie in the house and told me about her throwing her tenny shoes in the pond. Ugh! Sue said she saw the whole thing. That Katie was standing very quiet by the pond and looked like she was thinking "hmm! I wonder what I could do?" All of the sudden, she pulled off her shoes. She threw the first shoe in the pond and before Susan could get it out "STOP!" She threw the other shoe in as well, but a little further than the first shoe. Poor Leslie had to go fish the shoes out. Yuck!

Jon found Katie's mini bubble blower and the girls went crazy catching bubbles. Little Jake looked like he wanted in the middle of all the fun. So, I traded off Jake to Susan and I took pictures of everyone having fun. They played with bubbles until Jon ran out of solution. Leslie tried to make some more, but they didn't do as well. The girls were laughing and squealing after one another. Katie tried to teach Maddie how to play Ring-Around-the-Rosy, but I think Maddie was afraid Katie was going to hurt her, I believe. I have to tell you about these frogs, Tim and Susan have by their pond. Susan tells me that they are baby bull frogs, but they are as small or smaller than crickets. When you're walking along, you'll see them hoppy around. You have to really look to tell if they are frogs or not. On Memorial Day, Katie couldn't get over these frogs. She wouldn't touch them, just look at them. Yesterday, she loved holding the frogs. They would hop out of her hand and Leslie would have to find them and put them back in her hands. There are more pictures of our day and visit on our photosite.

While the babies took a nap together, Liz and I snuck off to the pond for some R & R. She and I grabbed a fishing pole and began to fish. Of course, we had to be taught how to cast the rods, so we wouldn't make a mess. Right off the bat, Liz caught her first fish and it wasn't long before I reeled in one as well. I thought I had the casting down, when I got a birds nest all in my reel. Ugh! My line was in the pond, but I had to pull out some more line to fix the mess I made. Right before I got it all fixed, Wade informed me that I had a fish. I looked down at my bobber and it was still there. I told Wade, "no I didn't. You're crazy!" My bobber had already made it's way to shore, so I decided to reel it up and re-cast. Well, I'll be! I did have a little Rock Bass on the other end. HA! Wade took him off my hook. I told the fish to grow up some more and threw him back in the pond. I told the guys that I'll never have that opportunity again. We stayed out there quite a while. Katie, Maddie and Jake woke up and by that time, Katie wanted me to take her to the potty. Yes! She didn't do anything, but at least she's going.

We all got ready for the Graduation at Susan and Tim's. Katie and I followed them to the school. We were not able to seat everyone of the family, but we were all pretty much together.

We are all very proud of you!

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sarah and allan said...

Emma wanted to play with katie and maddie so bad when she saw these pictures of the bubbles. She is still talking about fancy nancy stuff since she saw the stuff on here about katies party. ;-)