Monday, May 19, 2008

Smartie Britches Sale!

I just receive a notice from Smartie Britches Children's Clothing, here in town. They are having a Spring Sale on most of their outfits. You might want to check it out. Here's the link:


sarah and allan said...

The fancy nancy party sounds like a hit. Emma's birthday is coming up on the 3rd. I haven't thought out what we are doing for her's yet. Last year we had a pool party outside but got tinkerbell stuff. I guess princess stuff is always a hit but fancy nancy sounds like a much funner time. I'm sure i could do the same and steal your idea since they won't be at each other's parties but.. i'd hate to steal such a wonderful idea. lol. I think we might go with ..hmm don't know yet but i'm thinking. I know it won't be the brats. yuck. i hate those cartoons. we bought one and i watched it. hate it. have you seen them. Emma asks for them and i turn her down everytime. yucko.

Laura said...

thanks for the heads up about smartie britches! much better prices!! Can you tell me how they fit? Do the outfits run small or true to size?