Thursday, May 22, 2008

Congrats David Cook!

American Idol


You talk about a shock! I just knew they were going to announce that David Archuleta won the American Idol tonight. I was so hoping David Cook would get it because of his whole story. Wow! I couldn't believe my ears. If I'm not mistaken, they said he won by approximately 12 million votes. Is that right? I was too busy thinking, if my ears were hearing this correctly. Nonetheless, I wasn't listening to Ryan Seacrest very well.

Dancing With The Stars
We TiVo'd Dancing with the Stars and my predictions came true. I knew several weeks ago that Christie would win and sure enough, she did. She may not have had past experience dancing, but with her skating career, she had some advantage in winning this competition. I've heard throughout this whole competition that she shouldn't have been in this contest because she was much more qualified than the other competitors. I do have to say, her and her partner did an outstanding job on the dance floor.

Mom Update
Sandy said Dr. King is still planning on releasing Mom tomorrow. She will be transported to a Nursing Home close by. He doesn't feel that she is physically ready to go back into a Rehabilitation Center, instead she needs to be some where that they can monitor her and take care of her needs until she is able to get enough strength to use a walker. Dr. King assures Mom this is a temporary thing until her strength returns. She seems pleased with the decision. Yes, she would much rather be in her own home, but she knows that she needs assistance. Sandy said today, Mom insisted on feeding herself and doing more things for herself. I was surprised when Sandy told me that Mom was reaching for the side rail and turning her own self from side to side. Also, the nurses have cut back on the feeding tube nutrients. They want Mom to get a sense of hunger, so she'll start wanting food again.

Prayer Request
As you may know, Little Jake has this re-occurring abscess on his bottom. The doctors that Liz has taken him to haven't seen anything like it - coming back so many times. The doctor drained it once again, but advised that he see a doctor in Denver. I'm not going into detail for fear I might have some information wrong. Too much going on to remember the whole layout of the events. Liz is beside herself with all that's going on (my Mother's health and her Mom in AL)and now Jake's health. I ask you to please remember Jake and his family in your thoughts and prayers. I'm sure this has to be so scary for Liz and Nolan. They are having to be strong for Maddie and Jake, which makes it even that much harder.

I spoke to my neighbor, Evelyn, last night and now that all of her company has gone, she is having a little bit of a difficult time coping with the lose of her husband, Charles. She says, she tries to stay busy because it keeps her mind occupied. Every once in a while, things will pop in her head and she thinks about Charles. I've always heard that it's harder on the loved ones when all the company is gone and reality sinks in. I ask that you please remember her as well in your thoughts and prayers.

Katie's Little Mind
Katie's little mind amazes me every day, the little things she can remember. Tonight for example as I was tucking her into bed, she told me "Nite-nite, sleep tight, Mommy." I told her "don't let the bed bugs bite." Out of the blue she said, "hit shoe." This continues the saying "if you do then hit 'em with a shoe." My daughter is so smart! She told me again yesterday that she's not getting the lotion because she be in time out and won't get to watch her TV. Is this not funny or what? When did the lotion incident happen? I know several days have passed and she's still bringing it up.

You know how kids go off and talk to themselves while they are playing. Well, I hear her talking with Cinderella the other day. She was giving her the right act. I don't know what Cinderella did, but Katie told her if she didn't stop then she was going to be in time out. I love time out and taking things away, when she acts bad. Hey, it works with me! I had to rack the gravels back into the driveway from the road. Katie thought she would get in the road. Here I am telling, yelling and begging for her to get back in the driveway. As soon as I mention time out, she straightened up and got back in the driveway. She told me that she didn't want to be in time out. I love it!

Tomorrow, Millard and Peggy are picking up Katie for the day. I've got to get caught up on some laundry and house cleaning before I go to my hair appointment. Yes, I'm finally getting my hair trimmed and colored. It needs it so bad! I have tons of gray that needs attention. I would also like to get back into my yard. I racked a little bit of died grass out of the front yard. Doug and I also hammered a few fertilizer steaks around our azaleas in the back yard. I really hope they hang in there because it will be the start of slowly remodeling the back yard. It's a disaster area! I found the hose and the roller upper thing that the hose goes on. Doug told me, we could fasten it back to the facet in the back yard. Okay, no problem. Except the hose and the roller upper have been chewed on a little. I'm guessing when Dexter and Shae were younger they teethed on these things. Ugh! I guess I'll have get new for the back of the house.

By the way, I went to Walmart and got the new "National Treasure Book of Secrets" and I love it. It's just as good as the first one. I recommend it to anyone who likes action/adventure movies. I guess I like them so much because they remind me of the "Indiana Jones" movies.

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The Thorsrud Family said...

THANK YOU for the prayer request. We appreciate it VERY much. This is a hard time with everything going on. I have to remind myself ALL the time to trust God, and try very hard not to worry about tomorrow. We love you, see you soon!