Saturday, June 28, 2008

Blue Angels' Air Show

Okay, again with the comedians. Didn't you see the whole part about me staying up until 3:00 this morning? :P I looked at my events widget and I had the right date, I just didn't pay close attention to details. Anyway, I've got it fixed.

Air Show

We had a great time at the air show. Oh my gosh the people! They were every where. Doug seems to think that this years attendance was much bigger than the last Blue Angel Show, 7 years ago. Traffic was terrible. It was a complete stop at Exit 3 and we needed to get off at Exit 5. We ended up getting off at Exit 3 and taking the side frontage road up to the airport. We deliberately got to the show late in the day because we knew that it would be really hot today and the Blue Angels wouldn't perform until 3:00 p.m. We got there around 1:30 and had to park in the back 40. One of the Events Staff told us that we would have to hike a mile and a half to the show. We didn't think Millard and Peggy would be able to keep up, but they did real good.

I think we got real good places to set our lawn chairs and watch the show. While we were getting situated,
I heard my name. It was my friends, Michelle and Brent and their two little girls. Brent is a truck driver for UPS and goes on long trips. Michelle said this was the first weekend that he's been home in weeks. They thought it would be a good idea to spend a little family time together at the air show. They've never seen the Blue Angels, so they were a little syked.

Once we got situated, Millard went to the potty and Doug, Katie and I went looking around at the exhibits. I was really disappointed because they didn't have the exhibits for younger children like they did several years ago. Katie got a souvenir Blue Angels Fighter Jet. It was so hot that my pants were beginning to stick to my legs. Ugh! I was getting hot and tired quick. I told Doug that I'd meet him back at the chairs. Katie and I grabbed Millard and Peggy a couple of bottled waters and I got a cup of frozen lemonade. The frozen lemonade ended up being a slush by the time I got back to Peggy. We put sunscreen on and I kept it on Katie, but Doug and I still got cooked (more me than him). Millard and Peggy kept their umbrellas over them, but the wind was so bad that it would turn the umbrellas inside out. What a pain! I tried it for a little bit, but it got to where I couldn't see the planes performing. Now, I guess I wished I had the umbrella over my head a little more than I did, but I'm afraid I would have missed out of a lot.

Katie really liked the Blue Angels flying over her head, she'd get excited. Peggy was holding Katie during the show. Katie would have to give her the step by step details as to what was going on. It was cute. The show was worth the heat, sweat and sun burn to see Katie's face when she would watch the planes flying around. Doug thought the Blue Angels would perform for 30 minutes, I couldn't remember how long they performed. They ended up performing for an hour. We got a lot of pictures of the show. You'll have to check out our photosite. Overall I believe we walked 3 miles today at the air show. Peggy and I wore sandals and by the time we got back to the truck, I saw how filthy my feet were. Yuck! I grabbed a few of Katie's Wet One's and took a quick G.I. bath inside the truck.

All of us worked up an appetite, so we went to a local barbecue restaurant for supper. I just felt yuck, so I went back to the bathroom and wiped my face, arms and hands. I felt so much better. As soon as we got home, all of us (not at the same time) hit the shower/tub and bathed.

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