Thursday, June 19, 2008

Day Four of Swimming Lessons

Katie's Swimming Lessons
Katie didn't learn anything new today, but she is doing better with using her arms to get her where she needs to go. RuthAnne wanted her to do her humming, while pouring water over her head. Katie told RuthAnne, "no, I think I'm done". RuthAnne laughed and told her that she had to do it one more time. Katie didn't throw a fit, but she was in an arguing mood today that was for sure. I say that because she's been arguing with me most of the day. When I came to pick Katie up from her lesson, she decided that she didn't want to leave the pool right then. So, RuthAnne and I caught up on a little chit chat. She also wanted to try a life jacket on Katie, but the jackets want to ride up underneath Katie's neck. Katie seems to do really well with the swim belts. What I really like about the belt, RuthAnne uses on Katie is that you can add or take floats off of the belt. RuthAnne said that as Katie gets older, she won't need all the floats on the belt. So neat! I told RuthAnne about me finding a swim belt online, but it didn't look like the one she's been using in class. Plus, they ran any where between $17.95 to $22. She said she spent $9 for her belt from Flag House. I checked it out but the shipping and handling is a little high ($10). Thus far, this is the cheapest place that I've found the swim belts. The other places I've checked out cost around $22 plus shipping. I'll probably have to just go with Flag House.

Tomorrow is Katie's last day of swimming lessons. In a way, I'm glad because getting up at 6:28 in the morning is for the birds. I haven't been able to stay up late, like I normally do. I had a hard time getting Katie to go to bed, so I let her stay up until 10:00 before going to bed. She cried all the way to her bedroom. I told her that tomorrow was her last day at swimming lessons. She told me that she didn't want to go to her swimming lesson. She was heart broken, so I had to remind her that we might go to the Disney Store this weekend. Poor baby, she thought I was taking away her reward. She said, "I wanna go to Disney pweese. I be good."

At the beginning of the week, Katie and I made an agreement. If she would listen to Mrs. Knight and me this week, we would go to the Disney Store as a reward. They've got some Summer products on sale right now. Katie loves her Ariel flip flops and I noticed online that they are on sale for $2.99. I'd like to get her another pair for next Summer. Katie also needs some short sleeve nightgowns. I'm hoping to find a couple on sale.

What's New Around the Mason Household?
Laura - well, you can add us to the "Why?" club now. As I told you earlier, Katie was in an arguing mood. Every argument ended with "why? But why Mom?" We were outside this evening helping Daddy clean up the yard (mowing the lawn, pick up sticks, spray for weeds in the driveway, etc.). Katie got filthy. So while Daddy finished up mowing, I put Katie in the tub. The questions started . . . "why do I have to take a bath?" I caught her drinking the water. I told her not to drink the bath water. She asked, "why mom?" Like a patient Mother, I went into explaining why it's so dirty. Her next question, "why is it dirty?" I explained further. Another question, "why am I dirty?" Finally, after the tenth question, I pulled out the Mommy card "because . . ." Tonight, I heard "why" so many times that my voice was getting horse and then I had to pull out the card again "because I said so that's why". Of course, you have to expect the next sentence from a 3 year old is "but why?" Ugh! All you can do is laugh about it.

She is loving bunny rabbits right now. She has them keep her company while she sleeps. They join her when we are on the road. When we look at toys, she asks to see the bunnies. In fact, she told me that she wants to get a bunny from the Disney store. We'll see.

Update on Mom
After Katie's swimming lessons, we went to the Nursing Home to visit Mom. We walked in to catch her, sitting in her wheelchair, putting on her make-up. She was so happy and cheerful. She seemed very glad to see us. She asked Katie if she would want to go for a ride. Katie hopped up on her lap and away we went down the halls. Mom filled me in on all the Nursing Home gossip. Tehe! We ran into Ms. Opaline and spoke with her for a little bit. She is such a sweet woman and she told me that she would keep an eye out for Mom. I am relieved to hear it. We talked about the Bible Study and told Mom the time and place it is held. I really hope Mom will try to attend and get out of her room a little more. She has this wooden board at the foot of her bed. I asked her about it. She said it is a sliding board. She uses it to get in and out of the bed and into her wheelchair. This is used so she doesn't have to depend on someone to help her into the chair. What a great idea!?!

Sandy - I'm sorry about Mom not talking to you today. She felt like talking, so I grabbed my phone to call you up and my phone was dead. I never knew that it had gone dead. I'm so sorry. I did print out the message you sent out for us to relay it to Mom. Fortunately, Mom said Nicholas read it to her the other day.

Doug's Work
I was suppose to report this news yesterday, but I forgot. Doug's group at work had an office party. Of course, he made his famous Buffalo Chicken Dip, Chips and Bush's Grillin' Beans. He said the party was a great success. He brought home absolutely no leftovers. Darn! I asked him what was the special occasion? He said it was just because.

Katie's Birthday Party

I got Katie's "Fancy Nancy" party supplies in yesterday. They are so cute! I didn't get to show Katie because when they arrived, she was taking a nap. After her nap, we went for a walk around the neighborhood that took us an hour. By the time we made it back home, Doug got home and I got distracted. Well, I showed it to her this evening. At first, she didn't know what she was looking at. All I asked her was "who is that on the plate and napkins?" Finally, it sunk in. Cheerfully, she answered that it was her "Fancy Nancy." On the couch, she whispered in my ear "we gonna have a Fancy Nancy party?" I agreed with her and she got so excited that she started giggling.

Doug and Peggy have been talking to me about having a cookout. I figured we would just have cake and ice cream this year, but we might be cookin' some dawgs on the grill or something to that affect. I've been asking Doug every other day, what's the plan? Right now, he can't give me a solid answer. He said, he would let me know something a week before the party. Isn't that nice of him? It's just too sweet for words. Can ya hear the sarcasm in my voice?

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