Sunday, June 8, 2008

Praise Report

I think you remember me asking prayer the past several monthes for a church member, Emily. She has CF and is in desperate need of a lung transplant. Emily has an inspiring story on her own blog. Please check it out Emily's Blog Here. I received wonderful news today from church. Emily's doctors have finally found a perfect match for her and she is undergoing surgery as we speak. YAY! What a blessing! Please continue pray for Emily and her family. I know she would appreciate it.

After church, we visited Mom and she was so blue. She's got it in her head that after 8 days, Medicare won't pay for her extended care at the Nursing Home and Dad will have to go back to work. Isn't that crazy?!? Susan, Leslie and Jon were also there visiting today. Susan and I told her not to worry about simple little things like that, besides it's all in God's hands. I think she liked the pep talk. She was also worried about not eating today because she's had a stomachache since yesterday. She's afraid they are going to put the feeding tube back in her stomach and she doesn't want it. We just reminded her that she's got to do want she can and if she has to be on a feeding tube for a little bit, so be it. I felt so bad for her. She got in her wheelchair and stayed out in the visiting area the whole time, we were there. You could tell she was tired, but she hung in there. She didn't tell us her fears until it was time to leave. I hated leaving her all upset, it's probably why she has a stomachache.

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The Thorsrud Family said...

i have been looking at her site. Wow, she is an inspiration. That's where the fwd from me came from. I got it off of one of her stories. We are praying for her!