Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Proud Momma

Katie's Swimming Lesson
Today was a little easier getting Katie ready for her lesson. Yeah, she bucked me a little putting on her swim suit because she wanted to wear a dress. She didn't pitch near the fit she did yesterday, thank God above. By 8:45 this morning, she was ready to go, literally. She kept trying to get me up out of the chair, "let's go Mom. I'm ready to go swim". As soon as we got to the pool, she went straight for RuthAnne and never looked back. She was ready to start again this morning. Wow! Thirty minutes just doesn't last long, especially when you can go back home to do a few things. The sports club is maybe 5 minutes away from our house. Actually, Katie got a little over 30 minutes worth of training because we got to the club about 7 minutes early and RuthAnne was ready for her. Okay! When I got back, RuthAnne and Katie had lots to show me that she's learned today. Well, her showing me all she's learned took about 10 minutes. I was able to chit chat with RuthAnne a little more today. I asked her about her classes, like how many children she instructs a day. She said that she has one big class early in the morning and then the one on one after that. She said that she works a total of 2 hours (4 classes) a day. You know, I got to thinking and RuthAnne is doing pretty good. Because if she works 2 hours a day and $15 a head per day. Wow! But you know, she works really well with kids. She has tons of patience and they listen to her.

I was such a proud Momma today. RuthAnne kept praising and praising Katie and her fast learning. She said that Katie really listened today, a lot better than she did yesterday. Sure enough, RuthAnne would tell Katie to do something and buddy she did it. I was empressed! Katie learned to hold her breath and go under water, keep her mouth shut when swimming or reaching for something under water. She was using her arms more while swimming. She was also swimming and floating on her back. I couldn't get over watching Katie kicking while floating on her back. That's even hard for some adults to do. Of course, RuthAnne was holding on to her back, but still with her kicking like that keeping a float was something. I think Katie's favorite thing to do was blowing bubbles with a straw into the water. I don't know if RuthAnne was going on about Katie because she's my friend, but she told me that she would like to see Katie in her big swimming class next year. That is if Katie would be interested because she is such a good swimmer. She said that Katie had been going at it hard from the time I left to the time I got back. She asked, "she's none stop isn't she?" I was telling RuthAnne about how we are going to enroll Katie into ballet this Fall. I told her about how she walks, runs and hops on her toes. RuthAnne interrupted me and said she noticed the toe thing in the water. She said that's how she kicks her feet, with her toes pointed. I told her that's how she's always been since she learned how to walk. She thinks she should do good in ballet just because the way she is so athletic. I told her, Katie being in ballet should really build her muscles up. This might help her, if she decides that she wants to go into the big swimming class next year. Okay, that's enough bragging.

Katie gave RuthAnne a high five as we were heading to the dressing rooms. Katie told me, "Mom, I come back tomorrow. Okay?" I assured her that we would be coming back to see Mrs. Knight. I don't know what I'm going to do when swimming classes are over because she has really enjoyed this a lot better than what I expected.

Girl With 8 Limbs
Have you seen this little girl? Lakshmi Tatma was born with 4 arms and 4 legs. According to the National Geographic, she was carrying a rare parasitic twin that could possibly kill her. The twin was attached to her pelvic. I saw on the commercial, advertising this story, where locals thought she resembled their 8 limbed goddess. I can't remember the name of this mythical creature. Lakshmi underwent surgery and had all 4 limbs removed. National Geographic went behind the scenes of the operation and the media firestorm that makes Lakshmi famous throughout the world. This story will be aired Sunday, June 22nd at 8:00 p.m.

Air It Out
I've been couragous about the FunZone Air It Out in town. I know that inside the building, it contains all kinds of inflatables that kids can jump around in it. I've always heard about it, so Katie and I finally found the time to stop by and find out more information. They were real nice. Fortunately, there is no age limit just a weight limit. You can bounce around in the inflatables for either 30 minutes or an hour at a time. The parents can either go in to watch the children playing or you can go in and play with them. Thirty minutes of playing is $3.50 each person. If everything goes alright next week, I think going to Air It Out would be a good Mommy and Me time.

After the swim lessons are over, I'm going to have to be creative in other way to keep Katie active. I've thought about going on picnics with her, but it's so hot and it's not even officially summer yet. She seemed to really enjoy our time at Sportsman's Lake a couple of weeks ago. We might have to revisit this park more often.

Book-A-Million Offer
I received a notice yesterday that BAM is having a One Day Sale on Saturday, June 21st. Buy 2 books and get a 3rd one free. I'm sure there are a select few books with this offer. If there are some that strike your interest, it would be worth it. Also, they are having a Summer Bargain Book Clearance Sale that you could save up to 80%.

Belk Stores
Just in case you didn't know, Belk is having a 50% off sale starting Friday, June 20th. If you get a coupon by email or delivery mail you could get an extra 15% off the sale price. If you get a red dot clearance that's 45-65% off the original price, plus you can get an extra 30% off the sale price. Man, there are good deals every where. Belk Sale Coupon

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