Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

I hope all of you fathers had a great day. We started off by worshiping and thanking our Heavenly Father for all of his blessings. I have to confess that I wasn't paying 100% attention because Katie started her new class today and I was concerned if everything was going okay with her. The 2 year old class is being over run with babies moving up from the 1 year old class. Most of Katie's friends have already moved up to the 3 year old class months ago. We held her back because of the whole potty training thing. She still wears pull-ups, but she doesn't like to go potty unless it's 9:30 at night. We went ahead and made the plunge, moving her into the 3 year old class. I took her to classroom and she knew it looked different. She stuck to me like Velcro and began crying, since I was peeling her off of me. I told the teachers that I was going to peel her off and hit the door. If they needed me, just page me. I had been watching the screen the whole worship hour. I just knew I was going to get paged because she was having a fit when I left. Fortunately, she did good and had a ball. When we went to pick her up, she was hiding from me under the table. She's into the hiding phase right now. All she had on was her pull-up and shirt. The teacher told me that Katie got into the fountain and was soaking wet. Okay, this image came to me that Katie got away from her teacher and went straight for the water fountain. Later, I found out through my friend, Stacey, that the teacher let the children in Katie's class sit along the outside water fountain and put their feet in it. Okay, this made more sense because her pants and shirt were soaking wet. The news spread like wildfire throughout the church about Katie getting into the fountain. Stacey said the teacher wasn't suppose to let the children play in the fountain and that it wouldn't happen again. I assured her that we were not upset with the teacher. I found it humorous. It's just something to tell Katie when she gets older. How she ran around with a pull-up and shirt because she jumped into the fountain, got soaking wet and how the whole church found out about it.

We spent lunch time with Peggy and Millard. We had hot dogs, hamburgers and smoked sausage. Henry and Keisha joined us for lunch. Everything was delicious! We had this internal joke going on from yesterday. Doug was being picked on by one of us and we would smile and tell him "Happy Father's Day!" Then, he would pick on me and I'd wish him a "Happy Father's Day." Finally, Doug and Peggy would pick on Millard and I would tell him, "Happy Father's Day." It got to be a joke after a while. Peggy would start laughing at us. Well, we had to continue our little joke today. Us women were sitting at the table eating, Millard and Doug had to get up to get something to drink. Peggy asked Millard to get her something and while smiling she said, "Happy Father's Day." Doug was up cleaning off the tables and throwing trash away, I told him "Happy Father's Day." You had to be there. Peggy and I were rolling. Poor Henry, I don't think he knew what was going on.

Millard and Peggy fixed Katie a real nice swing set. Millard sand blasted it and re-painted it a pretty red and white. Last night, they picked up the swing from Toys R Us. He did a very good job. Henry announced that all it needs on it is a "Roll Tide" or a big "A". Katie absolutely loves it. All she wanted to do was have Paw-Paw Millard push her in the swing. We tried to teach her how to push herself in the swing, but I guess it was easier if Paw-Paw pushed her. I've got several pictures that I'll post on the photosite for you to see. Poor Paw-Paw got tired quick standing and pushing her, so he got a chair to sit in. Too cute.

Henry's cat had kittens yesterday. Doug wanted to take Katie over to his house to see the kittens and see his trailer. I thought it would be a good experience for her. She was in awe. When I finally made it over to his house, she was all squatted down on the porch looking at the kittens. She said, "look at the kitties Mommy!" Doug didn't want her getting too close for fear of the Momma cat getting nervous. Henry said this was the cat's first litter of kittens.

We left Millard and Peggy's house around 5:00-5:30 to go visit my Dad for a little bit. I called his house and June answered the phone. She said he just left to visit Mom at the Nursing Home and wouldn't be back until around 7:00. Doug suggested that we just drop some things off at the house and go on to the Nursing Home to visit. That sounded great to me. I guess we got there around 6:00. Both Mom and Dad seemed to be in very good moods. I was so glad to see it. With all the stress and worry in my family and life right now, it's been hard to see a smile and bright eyes lately. They both seemed very happy to see us. It made my heart sing to see Mom so happy. She said she had a real good day today. If you don't already know, they had to put the feeding tube back in Mom's stomach. They weighed her the other day and according to their scales, she lost 9 lbs. They felt it best that she have the feeding tube put back in because of her being so weak. Dad seems to think that their scales might be off because the nurse told him that Mom weighed 160 lbs. If that's truly her weight, then she's gained a lot of weight since the hospital. When she was in CICU, I believe she weighed around 140 lbs. Go figure! After an hour, I could see Mom getting tired. I've noticed that she can only handle company an hour at a time before she gets real tired. Dad was ready to leave, so we said our goodbyes and followed him out to the truck. I know I look awful in the pictures, but you try to look nice after a very long hot day with your little girl mashing your hair down and rubbing your makeup off of your face.

I had Katie go to bed early because tomorrow starts her swimming lessons. I wanted her to be refreshed and ready to go. I'll let you know how the first day went.


Laura said...

I laughed out loud at this one!! SEE!!! That's why you need a small camera for your purse so that you can capture photo ops like her pullup and t-shirt!! Absolutely priceless!!!

And the swing set...well! That's got Bama written all over it!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful Father's Day too. I am so glad Mom is feeling better and Dad is smiling again. I LOVED Katie's Church fountain story! CUTE!! Give Bug a hug and kiss from Aunt Sanny. You have to check out our weekend pics on Liz's blog. We had a great weekend. They are on their way to Denver. Please keep Jacob in your prayers for healing. And Liz and Nolan in prayer for comfort and that this trying time will be over soon for all of them. Love, Sister Sandy

Anonymous said...

Have fun at your swimming lessons. I know you will be the fastest, best, swimmer in your class! Love, Aunt Sandy