Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Katie's Temporary Tattoos

I tore into Katie's room and cleaned it out today. I got a couple of big boxes yesterday for storage and it didn't take long before they were both full. I could still use a couple more boxes to store her shoes and toys. I did find a perfect storage box with a handle lid for her Barbies. She loves it. Now where ever she goes, she's caring her Barbie box with her. I had no where to put her old shoes, so I temporarily put them in a couple of Pamper's boxes. I grabbed a sharpie and duct tape, so I could tell what was inside the box. While I was knee deep in 2T Fall/Winter clothes that I needed to pack up, the phone rang. It was June inviting us to a 4th of July get together. I got distracted talking with June about the menu and Katie walked into her room with black marker all over her arms, hands, legs, and an old pair of shoes. Ugh! I told June on the phone what was going on and I couldn't find the Sharpie that I had on the table.
June got to laughing and told me that I had to take a picture of her with her art work all over her body. I found the Sharpie in the Living Room under the table and thus far, I can't find any evidence that she wrote on anything else. This is the second time she has done this with the marker. I blame myself because I laid the marker on the table in her room, while packing stuff up. I washed her hands to see if it looks like it will come off. It's hard to tell, but I think there is a chance. I just hope we can get it off before picture day. This could delay our 3 year old pictures. We'll see.

Coke Rewards
Today is the big coke double points day. If you don't know about it and you keep up with the Coke Rewards, today and today only you will receive double points when they are entered.

Hell's Kitchen
Have you been keeping up with Hell's Kitchen. Since we were at Peggy and Millard's last for supper, we didn't get to watch it. I finally got to see last night's show this morning. I just knew Christina would be one of the final contestants, but Petrozza. I can't understand why or how he could still be in this competition. So, who do you think will win it all? You'll have to vote on my poll.

Shaq's Moving To Alabama
It was on the local news tonight that Shaquille O'Neal was in Huntsville, looking for property. Of course, he won't reveal exactly where they will be living, but to be expecting to see him and his family around town a lot. He was enrolling his son in Space Camp for the Summer. The news is so new that it hasn't made Channel 19's website yet. I'll have to let you know how it goes.

Rewards Jar Update

Okay, I've been a little harder on Katie with the whole Rewards Jar. I warned her this morning that I was not going to deal with the talking back today, like I have the past few days. I've given her warnings after warnings, not today. I was going to give her one warning and then we were taking rocks out of the jar. Fortunately for her, she only had three rocks taken out today. It didn't last long because her "thank you" and "please" earned her the three rocks back, plus more today. She's excited because she doesn't have very many rocks left in the bag to put in her jar.

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Sister Sandy said...

Love Katie's artwork! HA! Seems she is taking after her Aunt Maryann using this medium. You will have to ask her about that story someday. Looks like fun day at the bounce house is getting closer! Yea Katie! Have a great weekend! Love, Sister Sandy