Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Katie Uses Flippers Today

Katie's Swimming Lesson
Today, Katie learned to swim around the pool with flippers. She kicked around with them on, but didn't care for them much. She's using her arms more. RuthAnne wants me to help Katie practice keeping her mouth closed by humming. She said that if I tell her to hum that she will focus on the humming and not realize that her mouth is closed. I tried the humming with Katie. She did it, but she told me, "Mommy it's too hard". I'm guessing that she is referring to when she has to hum while swimming.

There are a few elderly men and women that swim in the pool the same time Katie is in there with them. When we walked into the pool area this morning, a couple of women both said "there's Katie". RuthAnne told me that Katie is very social with the other swimmers. When I picked up Katie later, I could sense that RuthAnne felt a little disgusted with all the people going in and out of the pool. They were talking to Katie and she was too busy watching other people rather than listening to RuthAnne. I asked her if there were a lot of disturbances and she agreed immediately.

Tomorrow, RuthAnne wants to try the life jacket with Katie and see how it works with her. She also wants to work on her humming and reaching with her arms. Hopefully, there won't be that many disturbances this time.

Katie's New Fishing Game
Liz - guess what? I finally found the fishing game. I've been looking for it, but I never found it in stock at Walmart and Target. I had thought about giving Katie the fishing game for her birthday, but she was so excited about going swimming that I couldn't get her to calm down. I brought out the game and she loved it. She had to play a few times before we left and again after we got back from her swimming lesson.

I also was told to get the Elefun that the kids love catching butterflies. We'll have to see. Oh I found this neat View Finder. Every time you change the picture in the View Finder, it has sound. So neat! They also make a projector version of it for $20. The View Finders with sound run around $10.


The Thorsrud Family said...

Maddie LOVES that game. If she sees it she goes crazy. That was her reward as well as big girl panties when she started going potty on the potty. Sounds like Katie is having a blast swimming! GOOD! She seemed very athletic when we were there. She also was very coordinated. I'm sure she will do great. She could out run Maddie any day! HAVE FUN!

Laura said...

Alise loved the swimming pictures. We kinda had a bad experience last night at Bryan and Missy's pool, so I don't know what she's going to do at actual lessons in two weeks. I guess we'll see.