Sunday, June 29, 2008

Frog Legs Story

I laughed at one of the blog sites that I love to read. Her and her husband, she refers to him as "Paratrooper Man" are having bull frog problems. Apparently a whole family of them have moved in the back yard. To show their gratitude to Paratrooper Man and Apron Queen, they serenade them all night long. It's a very funny story and possibly a good recipe to go along with it. If you have an opportunity, you need to check it out Here.

My Sunburn
Okay, so I was a little embarrassed when I went into church this morning. I was like the red beacon of light. LOL. Despite the fact, Doug giggled at me all morning long about my sunburn. Thanks Doug! Right off the bat, my friend, Stacy, asked me about the sunburn. A couple of my other friends asked me about it. As soon as I walked into our Sunday School Class, everybody started. I just try to keep in mind, they wouldn't pick at me if they didn't laugh at me. Right? Ugh! I think the women were more understanding than the men. So many comedians.

Mom Update
After church, we went to visit Mom at the Nursing Home. Again, she looked great! Susan and Jon were in her room visiting when we got there. Mom was sitting in her scooter, eating lunch. She's been eating most if not all of her meals, but for some reason the person(s)that weigh her say that she's loosing weight. She still has the feeding tube. Susan and I are puzzled along with Mom and Dad about the whole weight loss. We asked her how much are they saying she weighs. She told us, she weighs 150 pounds. I'm confused because that doesn't sound so bad. Mom said that Dad is planning to speak to somebody this week about it. First time I've seen her go to the potty was today. We were all surprised because the aid followed Mom into the bathroom. We asked her if she didn't need to change herself in the bed anymore and she said "no". Isn't that wonderful?!?

Maryann, Whitney and Zayne came by as well. We all moved our little party out into the gathering room. We haven't seen each other in so long, it was good to catch up and in the presence of Mom. I think it made Mom feel a little more like home because we were there laughing and carrying on like we would, if we were home. Mom showed us how she could pull both her legs out straight without hardly any effort. She seems to think as the days go by, her strength is getting better. I could tell from the way she was straightening out her legs like that, while she was sitting in her chair, she is a lot stronger than she was a month ago.

Potty Training
I am going to need your prayers. As you may know, potty training Katie hasn't been the easiest. While I was putting her to bed tonight, I sat down beside of her and explained that we were going to have to work a little harder with the potty training tomorrow. You have to understand, getting Katie to go potty is like pulling a 30 pound dog into the tub for a bath. She goes into kicking, screaming and begging with her life. Like I said, it hasn't been easy. Fortunately, tonight she told me that if "she goes to the potty, she'll get a rock to put in her jar and we will go to the jumper house". I just hope she'll keep that frame of mind tomorrow because I fear I will have my hands full. I've got to stay focused on the mission and get through it.

Prayer Request
If you haven't read Emily's blog in a while, she needs our prayers. She had to go back to the emergency room from the townhouse. Apparently, the medicine she is taking has severe side effects. The side effects she is suffering with right now is abdominal pains. She is went back to HTICU because the severe abdominal pain was unbearable. Please remember her and her family in your prayers.


The Apron Queen said...

Aww shucks. Thanks for mentioning lil' ol' me. Glad you enjoyed the frog story :D Also glad you went to the air show when you did. We used to go to air shows at Scott AFB & MacDill AFB, but none around here.

The Mason Bunch said...

Apron Queen -

It was my pleasure. Coming from a woman from lil' ol' Alabama, brought back great childhood memories. My Dad and brother-in-laws would go to a near by lake and gig several bull frogs for us. My Mom would clean and fry them up along with some fish in her special batter. We would have this huge platter of frog legs & bass for the family to dig in. Ahhh! Good memories.

Now that I'm married, I haven't had frog legs in years. If and when I do have the opportunity to get some, I would love to try your technique. I didn't knew that the supermarkets sold frog legs. Hmmm, something for me to look into. ;)

Laura said...

Sorry, Mirya, but I was totally grossed out by the pictures of the frog legs. UGH!!! I never saw the story about them taking over, though?

Hope your sunburn is better! Did you try putting some aloe vera gel on it?