Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy 13th Anniversary Doug!


I would like to wish my husband of 13 years a very Happy Anniversary! Yay!

Happy Anniversary Baby!

You really need to watch this video my niece passed along to me. Now a lot of you that watch this video may already be Christians and have heard this sermon several times before. That's wonderful! Praise God! But what continues to strike me is God's Almighty plan for everyone of his children. What he might have planned for your life. Everyone whether they are Christian or non-Christian has a destiny and a purpose in life. I love watching the testimony of how a young college student's short life continues to live through the people he toughed because he was an organ donor. This is a long video, but well worth it. Identity:Salvation video . You'll want to click on "Identity", select "Identity:Salvation" and then click on "sermon" in order to view the video.

On The Movies
Last night, I finally got to watch "The Other Bolelyn Girl". Some of my history of Henry the 8th was a little fussy, but it was an overall good movie. If you are into the Royal Family history and present, it's a must see. There are no adult scenes, but I don't know if it's appropriate for younger children. I've got two more movies on my must see list that are out on DVD: "Mad Money" with Diane Keaton and "Over Her Dead Body" with Eva Longoria.

"Mad Money Trailer" with Diane Keaton & Queen Latifah

"Over Her Dead Body Trailer" with Eva Longoria

As you may know, I haven't been feeling all that great for the past few days. So, my doctor asked me to come in for some blood work. I was so greatful, Leslie was able to come and babysit Katie for me. I don't know anything right now about the results of the blood test, but I'll keep you posted. Thanks for the prayers!

Leslie and Katie seem to have a good time together. Katie was hanging all over her and wouldn't let her go far without her right there. Katie asked me if she could go home with Leslie. I didn't care about Katie going home with Leslie, but I didn't know what Leslie had planned for today. She lives so far and I didn't know if she had plans to come back into town. With the price of gas these days, it would cost so much for her to go back and forth. Leslie assured me that she had no plans and would be glad to bring her back today. Katie was so excited when I told her okay. Of course, she was more concerned about her toys and what books to take. Ha! She had this huge tote bag full of stuff. I was more concerned over clothes and pull-ups. I packed extra clothes because Susan and Tim have a creek and pond that Katie loves to get into. Leslie said that they might go to Jamie and Jeff's and swim for a little bit today, so I made sure she had her floaties with her. Around 9:00 p.m., the phone rang and it was Katie calling me to tell us goodnight. Too cute! She kept saying that she was a good girl and she was going to bed. I just hope it was that easy for Leslie and Susan because I know how Katie goes to sleep. One hour of excuses and another hour of sneaking into someone elses bed.

Children's Books
Doug and I decided to go to Books-a-Million on a last minute whem. I checked out the children's section, like always, to see what books were on sale. Guess what? If your little girl is an Angelina Balleria fan, they had several different paperback series on sale for $1.97. Katie really seem to like the "Fancy Nancy" paperback I got her several weeks ago, so we thought it would be good to get her a hardback "Fancy Nancy" book. There are so many Fancy Nancy books to choose from, so I decided to get her the one shown above, "Fancy Nancy Bonjour, Butterfly". She loves book and we've tried to encourage her in every possible way to be interested in books. I hope she likes her new books.

I didn't get to write about Millard's birthday last Saturday. We stop by and pick up some chicken at KFC, so we wouldn't have to cook and be able to spend more time together. As soon as we pulled up in the car, I couldn't believe what my eyes were telling me. I saw Millard messing around in the carport with shorts and sandals on. I don't believe I've ever seen him in shorts and I've never seen sandals on his feet. Way to go Millard! He looked much cooler and relaxed. He seemed to have enjoyed his birthday spent with us.

Millard bought one of those analog boxes for his TV in order to pick up local channels, when they all go digital. He was having some trouble getting a good signal, so Doug and he decided that it was the cable connection between the antenna and TV. The guys spent the remainder of the evening replacing the cable. I took lots of pictures to document the evening. While the guys were working on the antenna, Peggy, Katie and myself sat on the deck eating ice pops and blowing bubbles. I have more pictures available on our photosite.

Have a great day! As Fancy Nancy would say, "Bonjour! For now."


Laura said...

Happy Anniversary!! keep me posted.

The Thorsrud Family said...

I hope you are doing okay :0( My blog is getting boring. haha. I just deleted my feed tracker...I need a new fun widget. Let me know if you know of any! I was doing a search today but didn't like any of them. Well take care. Love you guys and talk to you soon!

The Thorsrud Family said...

p.s. happy anniversary! I remember my mom puffing up my hair (I hated it!) and being your guest book attendant! (wasn't that it? Or was it gift attendant?) I packed my shoes for that trip...later to find out that I had one blue shoe and one black shoe. Maryann took me all over trying to find shoes to wear! haha! 13 years is great! Definitely a lot to be proud of. Wonderful husband, home, and daughter! Wow!