Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less

Are you hurting at the gas pump? Here, I'm paying $4 per gallon for the cheapest gas rate. We're trying to do all we can to conserve in order to pay for gas. Doug and I pay approximately $50 a week just on gas for one vehicle. I've been trying to help out by staying home and having him pick up groceries on the way home from work. Doug's tried to help out by being available to work overtime just to pay for his gas a week.

If you've been following the National News, more specifically, Fox News, you've heard of American Solutions. It's a group of supporters wanting Congress to hear our voice against importing oil and forcing Americans to pay higher gas prices. I had no idea that it was illegal for Americans to drill for oil in several areas within the U.S., Canada and just off of our own shores. Did you know that China is in the works, drilling for their own oil just off the State of Florida's shore? Does this make any sense? Does it make you mad because I'm sure fired up?

Newt Gingrich is heading this campaign. He along with celebrities like Chuck Norris is encouraging U.S. citizens to sign a petition to show Congress that we, voters, want to drill here, drill now and pay less gas prices. You can view a few videos off of on the issue, if you are interested. You can type in "American Solution" and be able to bring up a few and I'm sure there are several more out there. If you would like to sign the petition or read more about it click here. This link will take you directly to American Solutions main web page. Newt also encourages us to spread the word and make our own state legislators hear our voice.

Newt Gingrich YouTube Video

I wished I could have showed you today's interview between Fox and Friends and Chuck Norris. It was pretty interesting. They don't have it posted on their website yet. Chuck stated that there should be a new ad on Youtube being released sometime today. Hopefully, Fox will post today's interview by some time this evening or tomorrow.

My Health Update
Well, I finally got my blood test results back and it shows a negative pregnancy. They seem to think it might be from stress and it might come a little later. Here, I thought all my stress issues were behind me. tehe!

On top of that, the group of doctors that I currently use as my GYN/OB are all splitting up. Ugh! My initial doctor, when I first got pregnant with Katie, is moving to Huntsville. The doctor that ended up with my file after I gave birth to Katie, Dr. Keller, is moving into another group of GYN/OB across the courtyard. I don't care for Dr. Keller because he can be very vocal about people and specific kinds of compounded meds. As most of you know my history of conceiving Katie, it was a very long and emotionally painful time in my life. We went through three years of infertility treatments to be told that I couldn't conceive children. Have you ever been told that? You talk about a blow right to the face. I was in my lowest of lows. I feel that is where God wanted me, so he was able to shape my spiritual growth. I prayed and thought about it because I still had this very strong feeling in my heart that I was suppose to be a Mom. At that point, I prayed and asked God if he wanted me to service in another way. Should we adopt a child that has no home and people to love them? I really thought this was the answer to my prayers. At the same time, Susan told me about the A.R.T Program in Birmingham. Women, she had been talking to were told the same thing and they went to Dr. Cecil Long from the ART Program and was able to successfully conceive their children. HOPE! Doug and I talked about it and decided to do it one more time before we stepped into the adoption community. God's hands were all over our little miracle because it took less than a year before we conceived Katiebug. I thank God today for allowing me to cross paths with Dr. Long because he was the first doctor to tell me that there was no reason why I couldn't have a child of my own. He restored my hope.

When I was released from the ART Program's care, they referred me to a group of doctors in Decatur because that's where I wanted to deliver my baby. The only request I had was to have a female GYN/OB, instead of a male. I've always had a woman doctor and felt more comfortable. When I started going to the group in Decatur, I had Dr. Loncar (female doc) to be my OB. I really liked her and she understood a lot of things that was going on with my body because she could relate.

According to the rules of this group, they recommended all patients are to visit all the doctors of the group. This method was to help you familiarize yourself with the other doctors, if they were on call while you went into labor. Okay, no problem. When I first met Dr. Keller, I told him about my history. As soon as I mentioned Dr. Long's name, he began bashing his name. He told me one of his patients had a rocky marriage and they thought if they had a baby all their problems would go away. They went to the ART Program and Dr. Long was their doctor. Dr. Keller couldn't understand why Dr. Long didn't screen this couple and figure out that they were having marital problems. Yes, Dr. Keller let me know more than once that he doesn't like Dr. Long and will try to turn people away from him. Ugh! I'm sorry, but I couldn't just sit there and hear this garbage. I let Dr. Keller know that I have the highest respect for Dr. Long and I was glad God allowed us to cross paths. I went into labor earlier than expected and Dr. Loncar was on vacation, Dr. Keller was on call that morning. Ugh! Just because he delivered Katie, my files were transferred to him.

When I became pregnant this last time (November), I asked Dr. Keller if they were going to be checking my progesterone levels. "What for?" he asked me. I explained to him that when I was first pregnant with Katie, my progesterone levels dropped. Dr. Long's nurse told me to pick up some progesterone caplets that is compounded by my pharmacist. Dr. Keller said that they would not be checking my progesterone levels and that whatever happens, you can't help it. What? Then he added, if you want to be put on progesterone caplets that he would give me a prescription. He went on and added that he felt that they were worthless and that it was all in the woman's head. Jerk! When I was pregnant with Katie and spoke to several woman about progesterone caplets, they swore by them. They had miscarriage after miscarriage and their doctors prescribed them some progesterone caplets and gave birth to health children. They felt that if they had used the progesterone caplets during the other pregnancies, there would have been a good chance of having health births.

As you can tell, I'm not fond of Dr. Keller and I feel like I'm stuck with him. Well, I heard through the grapevine that he was moving in with another group of doctors. I asked one of the nurses today, if Dr. Loncar would be staying where she's at? I was so disappointed to hear she is moving her practice to Huntsville. Ugh! That's a little far, but I've heard good things about the Huntsville Medical Hospital. I asked if there were any female GYN/OBs moving into their group. The nurse told me no, but she referred me to some female GYN/OB doctors at the Parkway Hospital. I don't know what to do. I guess since I'm not pregnant, I have some time to check things out.

I've had this 30% off coupon from Gymboree that expires June 15th. I thought I would go online and see if there was anything on sale that I would like to get Katiebug. I have to be picky with her clothes because she prefers to wear dresses on a daily basis. Luckily, they had some cute Summer dresses on sale between $12-25. I've never bought any of Gymboree's dresses because I don't see paying an average $32 for a dress. Then you have to get the accessories to match. Well, I found a cute dress from the Tropical Garden line for $13 and matching barrettes for $3.99. I was able to get approximately $5 more off my purchase because of the coupon and because I'm a new buyer online, I got a discount on shipping. The total purchase cost less than what it would cost to drive to the closest Gymboree and purchase the items myself. I was so thrilled!

I'm sorry this ended up being such a long post. What do you expect coming from me? tehe!
Have a great Wednesday!

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thekeyes said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your obgyn mishaps. It can be so frustrating dealing with doctors so its a real blessing to find a good one you like. I like mine but i had a horrible nurse when i was in labor. i think that they forget how much they influence your memories on the experience because they do it everyday. I hope you can get it all worked ou t and find a good one you like.