Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ice Cream Cup Cakes

Okay, so I've seen a few blog posts where people add pictures to their cooking creations. Of course, I had to do one as well. I have to say, it was pretty fun documenting my cooking experience. I'll have to do it again. Ha! Ha!

I started off with your basic ingredients to make a cake batter. Follow the instructions from the cake box. What's really nice is the ice cream cups that I purchased had the directions on the side on how to make ice cream cup cakes. This is so cool because I've never heard of it until now. Look what I've missed out on.

After you make your batter, place the ice cream cups in muffin trays. I used a regular table spoon and spooned the batter into the cups 3/4 full. I would recommend filling it up just a little bit more.

Katie had to get in on the action. I had one tray already in the oven and we were waiting for the next tray to go in. I ended up making 3 dozen according to the directions. I think when I remake them for Katie's birthday, I'm going to fill the cups up a little more than the directions tell.

I baked each tray for 15 minutes at a time on 350 degrees. Make sure the toothpick comes out clean. Then, you are ready to ice and decorate the cakes. Katie got a little excited because it was time to decorate. I figured the cups would burn in the oven, so I was surprised to see that they were not. I also like that the cups soften up a little, which is good. This way when you bite into the cup, it won't be so hard that it cuts the roof of your mouth.

Here is our finished product. We are so proud of ourselves. We actually did it and it wasn't hard at all to do. In the picture above, Katie is pointing to her Ice Cream Cup Cakes. She's so proud.

What an easy and delicious treat. My food critics agree. Tehe!


thekeyes said...

aww those look really yummy! cute cute cute pictures of katie helping. ;-)

Laura said...

Oh, Mirya!! They look WONDERFUL!! You did a great job! The pics of Katie Bug are great! I might have to try these with Baby Girl myself!