Friday, June 27, 2008

Momma's Little Helper

As you can tell, I've been cleaning out closets and packing things up like clothes that don't fit. Well, Katie has been such a little helper. She is my shadow. If she sees me do something it's "Momma, whatcha doing?" Yesterday, I had to wash and vacuum floors in the house. She helped me pull everything out of the bathroom, so I could wash it. I asked her if she wanted to help me vacuum floors. "Uh, huh" she replied. I got out her little vacuum cleaner. Sure enough, she followed me all through the house vacuuming right behind my vacuum. Ha Ha! She helped me pick up the toys in the Living Room before I vacuumed. Lucky girl! She got a rock in her jar for helping Mom. Poor Baby, she still has a few rock left before she can go to the jumper house aka bounce house. If she'll learn to shut her mouth and not have to have the last word, she'd have a full jar. Hopefully, she'll learn one day.

Last night, Doug finally got to watch "Over Her Dead Body". He thought it was funny too. I would wait until one of the funny moments, he'd start laughing and then I had to laugh. This is such a funny movie. I just hope it's not late going back to Movie Gallery. Yikes! I'm pretty sure the girl told me that it was due back Friday. I'll have to pay a late fee, if today's not the right day.

I was hoping to take Katie's Library books back today as well, so I can find a couple of books for me like "Mere Christianity" by C.S. Lewis. I have a feeling I'm not going to be able to find a book for myself, while I have Katie with me. I'm very uncomfortable allowing her to be in her section while I'm looking for something for me. But she gets bored fast when she's with me looking for a book. Ugh! Anyway, I just knew we had read all the books that we checked out last week, but we have 3 books yet to read. The books aren't due back until the 7th of July.

I'm beginning to notice something new from Katie and her learning. I've noticed this past week, while she is watching her favorite shows like "Little Einsteins", "Go Diego Go", "Dora the Explorer" and "Playhouse Disney". If you've seen one of these shows at least once, you know that they ask a lot of questions and give multiple answers. In the past, Katie would answer every once in a while. More than likely, it was the wrong answer. This past week, she answered the questions more and this time, they were the correct answers. She's so smart! (Yeah, proud Mom).

Katie loves to play with my mind. Do most kids like to do this? I would feel so much better if I knew that they do. Ugh! For instance, she'll tell me that she's cold and she wants her kitty blanket. I told her that her kitty blanket was in the dirty clothes. I offered one of her other blankets, but she got upset because she wanted her kitty blanket. She told me that she didn't want that blanket or any other blanket I offered her. Okay that's it, I thought. She'll just have to stay cold. At the last minute, she'll agree to use one of the other blankets to cover up with. The thing is you have to find the blanket she is talking about. Ugh! By this time, my brain's fried and I have to go sit down.

Doug asked his parents to keep Katie tonight, so he and I can go out on a date. Isn't that nice? He can be so nice when he wants to be. Tehe! Love you baby! I guess since my body is acting so freaky now with the unseen stress in my life. CRAZY! I feel fine, I just have outbursts every once in a while. LOL. Do ya know how challenging this can be especially if you are trying to conceive a baby. Ugh! God are ya telling me something I don't know? Ya got to keep the humor or you would probably go crazy. Oh well, I know God will bless us with another baby some day. Please keep us in your prayers. Thanks!

June and Pat invited us over for the 4th of July. They want to cook a butt on the grill and maybe some ribs. It sounded like everyone else has the sides pretty much planned, so I offered to go in halfers with the ribs. So, it will be nice to float around in the pool, gnawing on a rib or maybe a butt sandwich and visiting with family. I'm still hoping to load up Katie and whoever else wants to come, go to the lake and see the fireworks.

Have a great weekend! Love ya!


thekeyes said...

hmmm I don't believe i have ever had a butt sandwich. lol I'd like to try one of those. haha.. your funny!

Laura said...

You need to clarify the "butt." Ha!

Laura said...

You need to clarify the "butt." Ha!