Thursday, June 12, 2008

Yesterday, Katie and I went Father's Day shopping. I haven't been to Belk it seems like forever. I remembered Laura asking me to check out the children's department for a smocked halter outfits. Laura - I found two different smocked beach outfits with halter tops. One is blue and the other is red. I was a little concerned if Katie would even wear it because they are shorts. She acted as if she liked it and promised to wear it. I had her pick which one she wanted the best. It was a tough decision, but she picked the blue one with fishes. I thought they both were precious. I couldn't get over the sale I got for it. It was marked $30 and I ended up paying $18. Is this the outfit you were talking about? You'll have to excuse Katie. She was pulling on her outfit because she was aggravated at me for making her look at the camera and saying "cheese". It doesn't normally look like this.

I've also been looking for a swim suit coverup, but never could find one for under $12. There have been times where I came close to just paying the $12. Well, Belk had some terry cloth coverups on sale for $9.99.

Katie and I have decided to make today a swimming party day. As soon as we got out of bed, we put on our swim suits and filled up the swimming pool. Katie saw that I was wearing my coverup, so she wanted to wear her coverup. She looked so darn cute, I asked if I could take her picture. She agreed as long as I would take a picture of her and her new Barbie car. She's sporting around in her new coverup, we bought yesterday.

I finally made a picture of Katie's new swimming pool. I was afraid Daddy might had put a hole in it because it was a little deflated, but it's been doing good since I put some air back in it. I sprayed the yard with Cutter Bug Spray. I thought that would work until I could get the pool full of water and spray Katie down with bug spray. Would you believe Katie got bit twice just walking with me down to the mailbox? Ugh! It seems like the mosquitoes are really bad this year. If you just walk out the door, you are immediately attacked. Yuck! So she wouldn't get anymore bites, I sprayed her down. Our little pool party didn't last as long as I thought it would be. Katie got hungry and didn't want to eat outside. Okay. I fixed her chicken nuggets and juice and set it on the table. Well, she decided that she didn't want her swim suit on anymore. I couldn't believe my ears and her suit wasn't even wet. She insisted that she was done swimming for the day. The rest of the day, she just wanted to play with her new Barbie car and Barbies.

Katie Story Correction
You know the story I told about Katie staying the night with Leslie, Susan and Jon. Leslie told me that she woke up to more pillows and blankets in her bed the next morning. She thought Katie got up in the middle of the night and brought the pillows and blankets from Susan's bedroom and Living Room into her room. Okay. Susan wrote me this morning because she just read my blog. She said that the pillows and blankets came from her and not Katie. Tehe! She just thought Leslie would assume it came from her Mom and not suspect Katie. Too funny. I told Susan how I wished she could have seen Leslie's facial expression when she was telling me this story. My poor baby being blamed for something she didn't even do. Ha! Ha! I'm just kidding.

Prayer Request
I've added a prayer request list to my sideline because there are so many needed prayers out there and it's hard to keep up with all of them by daily posts. I thought this would be easier. Please keep my little nephew, Jake, in your prayers. The abscess continues to come back on his bottom. Jake has an appointment next Monday at the Children's Hospital in order to remove the abscess.

Susan told me this morning that Kody's house caught on fire. If you don't know Kody, he is Leslie's boyfriend. I believe most of the damage is in the Kitchen and a lot of smoke damage throughout the house. Please keep this family in your prayers as well.

Fancy Nancy
I went ahead and ordered the Fancy Nancy party supplies this afternoon. I wanted to make sure I got all the supplies way in advance. You never know, if there might be a problem with the stock or shipment. Now, all I've got to do is get the general things like tablecover, cups and utensils. I'm also wanted to try my hand at the cake ice cream cups before the big day. You'll have to stay tuned to see if it was a success or a big flop. I also need to make an appointment with Portrait Innovations for Katie's 3 year old pictures. I'm thinking about making the appointment for the 12th of July. I don't want them taking too early like the month of June. The first weekend in July is 4th of July and we'll probably be on the road that weekend. I'm hoping to schedule the party for the 19th of July because it will be the Saturday before her birthday.

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Laura said...

Yes, that is the same exact outfit that I got for Alise!! Oh, good! Now the girls will be twinkies at the beach. If they don't cooperate for pictures, I will be SO disappointed with them!!!

Alise has the Barbie car, too. She got that for her birthday. Her best friend, Emma, gave it to her. She loves hers, too.