Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Brrr! I haven't see the weather forecast in the past couple of days, so I was surprised to see it snowing outside first thing this morning. We got a good dusting and Katie got so excited. She thought we were going outside to play in the snow again. Right off the bat, she wanted to make a snowman. I told her that there wasn't enough snow for a snowman. The temperature stayed around 27 degrees all day. I believe it's suppose to be around 20 degrees in the morning. Katie and I went to Mom and Dad's today, so I got out her new Winter coat for next year because it was so cold. She loves her new coat, especially since it comes with a matching purse.

Today was a good day for Mom. She was up and down without too much trouble. I made her a PB&J sandwich and she ate every bite. I was so proud of her accomplishments. She said that she hasn't had any nausea the past couple of days. Roger and Sherry are here to visit with her for a few days and then they will be back on the road home. Katie had to warm up to Roger and Sherry once again. She remembered them as soon as we drove up and she saw their RV. She pointed to the RV and said, "Roger." I asked her if she remembered them, because she really took up to Roger the last time they were here. As soon as they came out to greet us, she got shy all of the sudden. After Katie warmed up to Sherry, she really took up to her once again.

Walmart was running a special on their Ribeye steaks. I grabbed two for our Valentine's Day supper tomorrow. Doug and I exchanged our Valentine's gifts tonight because as he put it, "I'll be asleep when he leaves for work." He and Katie got me a pair of Adidas flip flops, Dove chocolates and card. He didn't care too much for his gift that Katie and I got him. He needed a new robe because his has a hole in it, so we got him a terry cloth type robe. Katie picked out the color, red. I couldn't find a silk or cotton material without paying $60. He needed a casual belt, but I got the wrong size. I got a movie that I thought he would enjoy watching periodically "We were Soliders." It's a movie based on a true story about a solider from Alabama during the Vietnam War. He did like the dress socks and Turtles Chocolates that we got him. I guess it wasn't a total loss. I normally get him cologne, but I knew he needed these things and wasn't able to get them for him during Christmas. He wants me to take the movie back. I have to take the belt back and he really wanted me to take the robe back, but then he saw how upset I was and he changed his mind. I told him to exchange it for fear of him not wearing it, if he keeps it. He refused. Oh well, Happy Valentine's Day! Maybe tomorrow will be a better day. I got Katie a bug catcher with magnifying glass, Veggie Tale movie that's based on the movie "The Wizard of Oz," "Little Bunny Foo Foo" story book, and a tin purse container filled with M&M's. She got her a Ballerina Barbie the other day for Valentine's Day. She loved her gifts. She went around the house tonight with her magnifying glass, looking at everything.

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