Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Happy 50th Birthday Maryann!


I would like to wish my sister, Maryann, a very

Happy 50th Birthday!

"In God We Still Trust" by Diamond Rio

Katie and I decided to have our fashion show today. She had a blast trying on all the new clothes. She is such a little girl. While putting the outfits/dresses on, she would tell me what would go on next. She'd say, "Mommy, I need my hair bow. I have to put on my shoes." She even asked me if a specific hair bow went with her outfit/dress. She is going to be fashion savvy when she is older. More pictures are on our photosite. Let me know, if you can't pull them up.

Katie likes "Angelina Ballerina" now. I introduced this character to Katie a year ago and she wasn't into her. Now that Katie is into Ballet and Ballerinas, she really likes "Angelina Ballerina." We read the book last night that I got from the Library and this morning, we watched the movie "Angelina Ballerina and The Silver Locket." I was so excited because she kept wanting to watch it again. I just love "Angelina Ballerina" and now I can share her with my little girl. In fact during the dancing parts of the movie, Katie would act out the ballerinas dancing. So cute! She told me, she wants to be a ballerina.

Picture is of Katie watching it snow. It began snowing here around 11:30 and it got pretty heavy around 1:00. It has been spitting snow off and on all day, but the ground is too warm for it to stick. It is so cold outside. I'm so welcoming warm Spring weather right now. I'm beginning to run out of ideas to do with Katie in the house. That's why we had a fashion show this morning. I got a few craft ideas from the internet for Easter. After we do a craft or two, I'll let you know if it was worth it.


Laura said...

My!! Ya'll are in to the BIG bows, now! I loved the fashion show. Will show Lele the pics tonight. The first outfit...I've seen that one before! Did you get it at a local children's shop? I think I've seen it around here and I really liked it. I'm not quite sure what stopped me from getting it?...

Laura said...

By the way...what size is she wearing in these pics? 2T or 3T?

The Mason Bunch said...

Yeah! Are they too big? It's just that Katie can't wear alligator clips without loosing them. Most bows around here on a barrett are fairly big. I kind of like them.

All of these outfits are 3T. They are not all that big on her. I was shocked because the pants actually stay up on her.

Peggy and Millard got Katie most of the these outfits/dresses. I knew they would like to see pictures of her in them. The first outfit, is an Anita G brandname. So, you've probably have seen them in most specialty shops. I think Peggy got this one from either Snappy Frogs or Cutie Patooties. You can actually go to Anita G online & order this exact outfit for probably much less & get a matching headband.

The Thorsrud Family said...

i like the white dress on your site the best...she is really looking grown upl! No more baby :0( Isn't it sad??? I get sad for a few seconds when Maddie looks all grown up. Then I remember what it's like to have a baby.

The Thorsrud Family said...
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