Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lil' Miss Mommy In The Making

Okay. Katie is beginning early, practicing her parenting skills. She announced to me and Doug that her Tinker Bell and Snow White dolls have pooh-peed and they need to be changed. I just agreed with her that she needed to change them. Well, here she goes. She went in her room, grabbed a few diapers and the box of wipes. She had me take their clothes off, so she could change their pooh-pee diapers. Doug saw her using the wipes to wipe off their bottom. Too funny! When she was done, she said "there!" Of course, she went on to her other dolls. She wanted me to take their clothes off, so she could change their diapers. I had to explain to her why a couple of her dolls have clothes that don't come off. She seemed okay, when I told her to pretend to change their diapers.

She's learned a new word "favorite." As I'm getting her out of her tubby, I asked her if she wanted a pancake for supper. "Yeah!" she agreed. She went on to say, "I want a pancake. Pancakes are my favorite." Okay, I haven't heard that word before. Later tonight, she saw my big jug of apple juice. She told me,"Mom, apple juice is my favorite." She pronounces it perfectly by every syllable. She is so funny.

Susan, Leslie & Jon came by today to give out Christmas presents. Katie was having so much fun playing with Sue-Sue and Leslie, she hated to see them leave. They got Katiebug a cute Disney Princess Keyboard. Katie has been begging me for this keyboard for months, every time we go to Walmart. She loves it! I don't know who loves it more, Katie or her Daddy. Doug wanted to see her new keyboard. He played with that thing for quite some time. Susan had my name and she got me a pair of soft slippers, "The Devil Wears Prada" movie and a sweet snowman ornament. Of course, Katie took possession of the snowman as soon as Susan and kids walked through the door. Poor Jon felt about as bad as I did today. We both have sinus trouble.

Our household has been surviving the sinus season. It has been a challenge and it can really bring a person down. It started with Doug last week, so now he's pretty much over it. Katie has a running nose and chest congestion. Mine started with head pressure and an upset stomach last night. Today, I've been hacking, pressure in my head and stomach aches. I stayed home from church today because this was my day to help with the two year olds. I didn't think any parent would appreciate me being in the same room hacking all over their children. Doug wanted to go to Sunday School and Katie really wanted to go to her class. She loves playing with her friends and going to the playground. I started to have Katie stay home with me, but I hated to keep her from church. Doug said he could handle her fine. She was so excited. She kept rushing Doug to get ready, so she could go to church. "Let's go Daddy, I ready to go." she'd say. It was funny watching her jumping up and down.

Doug and I have been talking about getting Katie enrolled in something when she turns 3. We just can't decide what. I guess the best thing is to find out what's available and then find out how much it's going to cost us. She loves dancing, tumbling, singing and playing. I wouldn't mind her going to Mom's Day Out once a week. I think it would be good for her and me. I think Doug wants her to get into something like dance or tumbling. He has already announced that she'll be taking swimming lessons this year. Okay. I think our local elementary school pool has lessons every year, but I'll check it out. Now, I'm really going to have to loose the weight.

Wow! I knew Tubbyville was desparate, but not this desparate. Tehe! Doug sent this to me.


sarah and allan said...

okay i have to ask now.. did doug like our christmas present. and your mom did she get the one i sent for her yet? i know your guys christmas was thrown off a bunch, but i wanted to chek on it now. ??

The Mason Bunch said...

Because of complications, we had to cancel our family Christmas Party. It just didn't work out, but I can't go into to that right now. I did let Doug open up your present last night. He really liked the golf balls. I didn't want to send you an email because I wanted to send you a Thank You card. Oh well. No, I haven't given Mom and Dad any of their presents yet from you guys and us. Right now, Sherry and Roger are visiting here. I'm hoping to get together with them this weekend or some time soon. I'm sorry!

sarah and allan said...

that's okay i was just wondering since we hadn't heard a word and it's feb.. lol. i knew things were put on hold for a while because of your mom. I just wasn't sure if you guys had got them out or not. we don't need a thank you card. It's quite alright. We were too busy to sne dout any this year but tell your mother in law thank you for my present. lol. we just didn't get out any cards since lilly was coming a few days later.