Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Happy Mari Gras!


It's Super Tuesday! Did you have the opportunity to vote? This is the first time for me to not vote in the Primary. I've been under the weather for the past few days and I just can't shake it. My opinion, I don't feel there is anyone running this year for President that has impressed me enough. I guess if I had felt well enough, I would have voted for Huckabee. In fact, Huckabee won in Alabama on the Republican Party. We won't find out the final numbers tonight, but it looks good for Obama in the Democratic Party and McCain for the Republican Party. What a race to the White House this will be?!? The next few months will be interesting leading up to the November elections. It will be hard for me to decide who to vote for.

eBay News

The last buyer of my auctions finally paid me today after I sent her an invoice and two notices. She told me, she just found out she was pregnant and had forgotten about the auction. I went through some more boxes of Katie's clothes and found some other dresses and outfits to list. So, I'm getting some new auctions together to be listed tomorrow. I relisted the sweaters that didn't sell the last time. I had some watchers for the sweaters, but no one bid on them. This last lady said she forgot about it because the auction time was so long. I had the auction last for 7 days. Maybe I need to shorten it to 4 or 5 days. What do you think?

American Idol

Did you get to watch American Idol tonight? I didn't get a number of people who made it through to Hollywood, but I think the South was well represented again. The Idol was in Atlanta, Georgia. They showed quite a few people going through to the next round. I felt so bad about the 18 year old boy from Tennessee, who was living out of his car. He said his parents didn't know he was living in his car, except for today. He said he told them he was staying with friends. He had a good voice and I hope he makes it as far as possible. What about the young lady whose Father died in a car accident two days before her audition? Oh my gosh! How she could have stood there singing and her voice not crack or bust out crying? Amazing! I cried the whole time she sang. My heart hurt for her.

Mom's Condition

She has her good and bad days. Dad said she was still complaining about her back hurting. He said she didn't eat that much for breakfast. I think she doesn't have an appetite because she is uncomfortable and in pain. The nurse told Dad to give Mom her pain pills instead of Tylenol. He thought she would do better, if she got off of the pain pills as soon as possible. The pain pills make Mom real sleepy and Dad didn't think her sleeping so much was good for her. They finally got an appointment with her regular doctor for this week. He asked me to go with them. Katie will be so excited to spend some time with Grandma Peggy, while I'm with Mom and Dad.

Katie's Little Personality

It was so cute today! Katie insisted on wearing her new white beach dress. So, I adjusted the buttons because it is a 3T; therefore, it wears a little big right now. The dress is sleeveless, so I put a sweater on to cover her arms. She also wanted to put on her Tinkerbell wings on top of her sweater. I'll post the pictures later. She was be bopping around the house pushing her carriage and her tote bag hanging off of her fore arm. I was making her lunch when she came by me and said she was going to Walmart. I told her to buy me something, while she was there. "Okay Mommy!" she said as she was giggling. She did this a few times. This evening, she was on her third dress of the day. It was one of her 2T dresses from last Summer and it was pretty short. She told me that she had to have her Dorothy shoes. She came prissing down the hallway with her mini skirt dress and glittery black ballet shoes with no socks. Doug told her, she is not to wear mini skirts in this house. She jabbered back at him. Later, she came right in the Living Room, sat down carefully and crossed her legs like a little miss priss. Doug asked her to dance like a balleria and surprisingly, she did. He began laughing. He told me that he wouldn't believe it, if someone would have told him a year ago that his baby would love dresses, glittery shoes & dance like a balleria at the age of 2. All we could do was giggle about it.

Weather Watch

We are all under a thunderstorm watch until later tomorrow. Storms are expected to come through around 4:00 - 5:00 a.m. Dad and Mom spent the night with Pat and June because of the expected storms. The temperature was perfect here at 75 degrees, but it was gloomy and rainy off and on. I've noticed the local creeks and lakes are filling up pretty good around here. What a relief!

CPSC Recall Notice

I received a recall notice today from CPSC on Children's Toy Gardening Rakes Recalled by Downeast Concepts; Violates Lead Paint Standard.

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, so have a good day.

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