Friday, February 15, 2008

Little Missy!

We got Katie's new sundresses in the mail yesterday. Right off the bat, she had to try them on. We like them both on her, but I have to agree with Katie and say that the handkerchief is my favorite. They are a little big, but all in all they are perfect. As you can tell in the pictures, Katie had to keep the handkerchief dress on the rest of the evening. Doug brought home some Mardi Gras lais and necklaces from work for Katie. She had to have everyone of them on her. She was so funny. She had to go around the house and look at every mirror, we own, so she could see herself. I've got the other pictures on the photosite. Today, the lais are molting all over the house. Ugh! So, I've been sneaking little by little a lai in the garbage. I know Katie is going to miss them, but I can't have little pieces of plastic all over the house. Plus, I can't chance her swallowing a piece.

We are dealing with little attitude changes with Katie. She is acting more and more like a girl. When she gets her feelings hurt, she either throws things along with a fit or she goes running for her bedroom and slams the door. Poor Doug, not having experience with little girls and mood swings, he doesn't know what to think about this change. We've been using the naughty chair on a regular basis now. It breaks my heart when she starts saying, "I be good Mom, I promise."

My aunt and uncle left this morning to head back to their home. They miss their family very much! Please keep them in your prayers that they have a safe journey home.

Mom is still experiencing pain and discomfort in her back. She had another MRI done this morning to let the doctors see what is going on back there. According to the MRI, she has an infection around the disk. Ugh!! The doctors told her to pack an overnight bag and head back to the hospital. I don't know any details right now. Please keep her in your prayers. Thanks!

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