Saturday, February 23, 2008

Grandparents Are A Wonderful Thing

With Doug sick, Katie was already pushing my buttons. Doug wanted sausage and eggs for breakfast this morning. As I was cooking, Katie wanted me to hold her. I tried to explain to her that I couldn't. She doesn't understand the word "no." She begins to hang on my leg and whines. The one thing I absolutely can't stand is whining and she does it so well. Then she begins the list of excuses on why she needs my attention. For instance, she needs a drink, but not milk; she's pee-peed, but runs away as soon as I get a diaper; she has a boo-boo, but continues to whine. When she pulls out all the cards, she starts them all over. I know Doug doesn't mean to but I've been holding my breath every time he coughs. He looks so pitiful! I just got over this stuff and like I was explaining to him, I can't afford getting sick again. No offense to him, but he gets paid sick leave. I don't! I'm on call to work 24 hours a day without sick leave or substitutes to fill in for me. Katie doesn't understand when Mommy gets sick, she thinks its all in fun. I was wondering how I was going to make it the rest of the day. When all of the sudden, Peggy calls me and asks if Katie could spend the day with her and Millard. YES! THANK YOU GOD FOR GRANDPARENTS! I plan to disinfect this house, even if I have to open up the house and air it out. I am sick to death with sickness. Spring - when will you get here?

Millard and Peggy brought Katie several beautiful outfits and dresses with matching bows today. Katie seem to love them all. In fact, her and I was looking at one dress from Belk that is a smocked white eyelet dress with pink rosebuds along the smock. I started to get it, but knowing Peggy I thought she might see it and get it too. We've done this before, I guess there are some things we think alike. Sure enough, it was one of the dresses Peggy bought. I guess this next week, Katie and I will have to have another fashion show. Today, Katie had to wear her new favorite yellow shirt with the matching headband. She wanted to wear her new sandals, but it's too cold. Plus, I got a size 8 in the sandals so she'll be able to wear them all Summer; therefore, they are a little big on her right now.

I called Liz and checked on Jake. She said that the doctors think he had a little cut and it got infected, which caused the abscess. They are glad to be back home. He is on antibiotics for the infection and doing well.

I just got off the phone with Mom and she seems to be doing well. She got back from therapy around 1:30 and was ready to take a nap.

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