Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Top Secret No More!

Well, Doug's done it now! He intercepted an email message between Whitney and myself, thus finding out his surprise birthday party. When he first opened it up & began reading it, I completely forgot about us discussing the party. I told him he shouldn't read my messages, while I was trying to control Katie tonight. Tonight has been a bad night getting Katie is settle down for bed. Later, I remembered telling Whit about the party and I hadn't read her reply yet. Doug was all smiles and right then I knew, he found out about the party. Ugh! I've been so careful and now I feel like such an idiot! Now, he it's bothering him as to where the party will be. For some reason, I never can keep a secret from him without him always finding out. So, he'll probably find out where the party will be in time. He is so nosey!

I've been having a small health problem, so my doctor wanted me to come into the office today for a little blood work. They took a pregnancy test and of course, I'm not. They feel I've been under a lot of stress causing my problem. They are going to run tests to see if by some chance it's my thyroid or hormones. I should know something by the end of the week. If I don't hear from them by Monday @ noon, I'm to call and check on the results.

Doug was feeling much better by last night. So he was able to go back to work today. He didn't know if he should go with me to the doctor's office, but I assured him that everything was fine. Bless his heart, he seemed to really care about my well being. I appreciate that.

I didn't get to talk to Mom tonight, but I did talk to her for a brief moment last night. She said they really worked her with rolling her in and out of bed, which made her very tired. Dad and June were still there, while I was talking with her. I didn't want to tie her up and she said she was too tired to talk on the phone. I talked with Sue to get her opinion as to how Mom was doing, since she spoke to her before I called Mom. She said that she thought she sounded okay, but tired. June called me this morning and said she was disappointed with Mom's progress yesterday. It's a long story, but Mom didn't take the blood pressure medicine they gave her and her blood pressure went up to 196 over something. June couldn't remember the bottom number. She said this is at stroke level. She said the nurses worked with Mom & got the level back down to 155 over something. She added that she had very shallow breathing. I know Susan and June was going to call Mom this evening to see how she was doing today. I told June that since I knew that both of them were going to talk with Mom tonight, I would try to wait and call her much later to check on her. Of course, my evening left and the next thing I know it's 10:00. They start her on therapy by 7:30 in the morning, so I'm going to wait until noon or 4:30 to call tomorrow. I know if something is bad wrong with Mom, Susan and June would have called me by now. I wanted Katie and myself to go visit Mom tomorrow, but I can't because I'm so far behind on laundry, dishes & banking. I just don't have enough hours in a day to do everything that needs to be done. Doug's already asking about specific articles of clothing, if they had been washed. Luckily for him, he had pants in the dryer to wear for tomorrow.

Peggy told me that if I wanted to do or go some where else after my appointment today, to go ahead that she would watch Katie. I've been getting low on my Bare Essentials Mineral Veil, I love this stuff. I thought this would be a good opportunity to get some makeup. I've been wanting to type the BE blush. I left there and wanted to check out a couple of shops that I haven't been in awhile. Shops I know I would have a hard time getting Katie out of without having to purchase something. Peggy told me that Cutie Patootie was under new management, so I wanted to check it out. Everything on their 75% sale rack had been picked over. I did get Katie a couple new hair bows and a ID tag for her backpack. Because of security reasons at church, we have to have a tag on the children's backpacks. Plus, I like the fact there's a good chance you won't be bringing someone else's sippy cup home with you. A new store opened up this past week, Kids Unlimited. I love this store! It's got everything from smock dresses (sizes: newborn-7) to dolls. They carry Rosalina, Peaches n Creme, Bonnie Jean, and a whole line of Stephen Joseph stuff. They have a complete wall with nothing but hair bows and get this, they custom make their hair bows. You can even pick out the different ribbon designs they offer, which is a lot. The prices are pretty reasonable and they offer layaway. I knew the lady that was working there from church. We spent most of the time talking. She said they get new shipments every day with all kinds of different things. I was telling her about the new outfits and dresses, Katie just got and I would like to have matching bows for a few of them. They had this one capri outfit, I would have gotten for Katie, but they didn't have her size. It's the new Paris style. I'm sure you've seen the dresses at Belk - pink dress with Eiffel Tower, black poodles and patio set all over. Well, this was very similiar. It was pink sleeveless and on the bottom of the top it was cats and dogs sitting on patio furniture all dressed up. I can't remember if it had the Eiffel Towers on them, but was so cute and only $24.97. Kati, my church friend, said for some reason that the 3T size is the first to go. Before I left I assured Kati that I would pass the word around about the new store. I told Peggy about the store and where it was located. I had one more stop before picking Katie up from Peggy and Millard's. I wanted to go by the Library, pick up a few books and DVDs for Katiebug. We've already read through 7 of the 9 books. I promised her that we would watch the movies tomorrow, since it's suppose to snow and be frigid. I got "Angelia Ballerina's Silver Locket," some kind of Dr. Seus movie and "The Velveteen Rabbit." I just love the story about the Velveteen Rabbit, I think it is such a sweet story. I've read the book to Katie several times, but it's so lengthy and I'm sure it's hard for a 2 year old to understand what's going on. I'm hoping the movie will be better at telling the story than me.

Katie seemed to have had a great time with Peggy today. I nearly had a hard time getting her to leave. Doesn't that make you feel great as a parent? lol If everything goes okay, I think they'll keep her Friday over night. We're planning to go to the Cottontail's Craft Show this weekend. Smartie Britches is suppose to be there with all of their new styles of clothes. Have you looked at their website lately? They have some cute outfits out for the Spring/Summer. They've just about completed Peggy's order for Katiebug.

American Idol
I don't think the guys did all that great tonight like they did last week. What's up? I have to say, David Archuleta did an awesome job. Right now, I feel he will make it to the top 5. I think David Hernandez, Chikeze and Michael Johns did a good job, but I really like David Cook and David Archuleta. How did you like the best?

Laura - I'm trying the Jergens Natural Glow. Was it you that recommended this, I can't remember? Today is just day three of using the lotion. Hopefully, it will work well with me and my skin tone. I noticed that they carry the facial lotion as well. Have you tried it? Let me know.


Laura said...

Man!! I HATE that Doug found out about his party!! We were just talking about that yesterday!! So nosey!!!

As far as the Jergens, yes, that's what I used last year, but I have not tried the facial stuff. I'm glad you're still likin' your BE!!

Laura said...

So, can I add Doug's birthday to my calendar on my blog?

The Mason Bunch said...

Sure, you can add it to your calendar because I sure did. Ugh! I'm so disgusted.