Friday, February 1, 2008

Will the Groundhog find his shadow?

Will the groundhog find his shadow? This will be the big question tomorrow morning? I know it's silly and superstitious, but I think it's fun.

You will be happy to find out that we have packed up most of our Christmas today. The reason I'm at a hault is because Katie's Christmas tree is taller than the box I had available. Yes, we finally have our Living Room back. Doug even had a smile on his face when we finished. Katie really didn't want us to put everything up. I thought she was going to get real upset, until I told her that we had to get ready for Valentine's Day and Easter. She ask me if we were going to see it again, which means we will have Christmas again. I reassured her and she seemed to be okay with it.

Sarah sent us new pictures of Lilly Ann. It looks like she has blonde hair. She had better hang on to Daddy's remote control as long as she can. Too cute!

Doug bought the ingredients to make his famous Buffalo Chicken Style Dip and chips. It's pretty good as long as he doesn't put too much buffalo sauce. I like flavor not heat. He's planning on making it for Super Bowl Sunday.

Go NY Giants!

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