Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Latest News!

I would love to see this movie, "The Other Boleyn Girl." I love movies about royalty and especially about historical royalty stories. Doug thinks it's weird and is totally not into these type movies. I am one of royal fans that like to keep up with the latest news. I loved watching "Elizabeth, The Golden Age" and "The Queen." Doug asks me "who cares?"

Well it's official, Blu-Ray wins the format battle over HD DVD players. It was reported today that Toshiba will no longer develop make or market the HD DVD players. Doug has tried to explain this whole HD world battle between the HD and Blue-Ray DVDs. We don't have to worry about this right away, but when we do purchase a new television I guess we'll have to purchase a new DVD player as well. As most of you know, I'm a movie nut and have quite a library started. So, I was worried about having to replace all of my precious DVDs. I've worked so hard replacing most of my Disney VHS collection to DVD and didn't want to have to do it all over again. Doug assures me that when we do purchase a new DVD player, it will play both Blu-Ray and the regular DVD formats. Shoo!

Okay, I've got some clarity as to what's going on with Mom. When I spoke to her this morning, I called at a bad time. She's been experiencing nausea and seems a little down. She said she had a little break down early this morning when Dr. Harsh looked her in the eyes and told her that she would walk again. She told me that she has had a lot of doubt of ever walking again running through her head. Him telling her that gave her a sense of hope and light at the end of the tunnel. I talked with her about the Strep infection found in her back. As best as she could explain, the Strep infection wasn't found in the back, but instead was in the blood system. I spoke to Susan after I talked to Mom. Susan said she too had spoke to Mom this morning, but while she was in good spirits and not sick. She said that Mom told her that it wasn't Strep but a type of Staph infection found in the blood stream. Dad told Susan the same thing he told me about her having a Strep infection, like Strep Throat. I guess as time goes on, we'll find out more information. I asked Mom if the doctor knew if the antibiotic was taking effect. She said that it would take 4-5 days before they knew for sure, which means she will be in the hospital during this time. As soon as they found out what type of infection she had, they administered a device around her armpit area to insert the medicine. Sounds weird, doesn't it. She said it hurt like heck while they were putting it in. I know she will be so glad when all of this is over.

Susan was back at work today. Poor Jon just can't seem to kick this flu. Yesterday, Leslie called Sue at work telling her that she had to go to work and Jon was throwing up. She said that he had a real bad headache that was causing him to throw up. She believes he's been suffering from Migraine headaches this whole time. She bought him some Exedrin Migraine to survive the day today at school. She said that thus far he is making it at school, but he's not looking forward to baseball practice.

I spoke to Peggy this morning, she said her and Millard have been trying to survive this sickness as well as everyone else. Millard has missed a couple of days of work because of the sickness. She told me that Vonell did get to go home today and seems to be doing better. James told her that Vonell had 95% blockage in the front part of the heart.

Katie ended up sleeping with us last night and didn't cough that much. She woke up in a pretty good mood. I've been waiting for the drainage and I believe it has finally kicked in. She's been having sneezing and coughing spells most of the morning. Yellow mucus is flying every where. I believe now she'll be much better when all that yucky stuff loosens and comes out.


Laura said...

Trust me! I have been WAITING for this movie. It was suppose to come out in December, then the first of February and now the last weekend in February! I've read the book and it is most excellent! I think me and my friend Leigh are gonna go try to see it. Wish you were here and you could go with us since Doug probably won't go.

The Mason Bunch said...

I wished we could go together too. Trust me, Doug would not pay $8 to see this movie. I'd be luck if he would rent it when it comes out on DVD. Only we could understand and appreciate the royals.