Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Late Breaking Info.

Okay, you know I reported earlier today that Mom told Susan, she had Staph instead of Strep. Well it's obvious, the nurses are pumping her full of pain relievers. Let me back up. Aunt Sherry called concerned about Mom having a chest scan. I told her about the uncertainty about what kind of infection she might have. After discussing with Sherry about the dangers of some Staph infection, she wanted me to get on the phone, call Mom's nurse and find out what's going on. I got in touch with the nurse, but I didn't have a PIN #; therefore, she couldn't give me any info. Shoot! After thinking about it, I called Mom's room number. She still sounded bad, like she was extremely tired or overly drugged. I tried to gently ask Mom about her condition. She told me she had the infection that children get in their throat. I asked her if it was Strep. "That's it," she said. Alright! I asked her for confirmation that it wasn't Staph. She assured me that it was not Staph. She just kept getting the two infectious names mixed up, "Staph" and "Strep." I guess that can be easily done. I hope this will help everyone to relax, especially if you've had contact with her.

CPSC Recalls
  1. Cinderella Battery-Powered Toy Cars Recalled by Dumar International USA Due to Fire and Burn Hazards. Link: http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/prhtml08/08195.html
  2. Spiderman Water Bottles Sold Exclusively at Sears Recalled by Fast Forward Due to Choking Hazard. Link: http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/prhtml08/08196.html

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American Idol

Tonight the top 12 guys sang. I think I've pretty much picked my favorites right now. I like David Archuleta. He is a real good singer, but he is so young. Doug and I really like David Cook. He seems to have more Rock -n- Roll locked up inside. I would like to hear him sing something more R&R. Maybe a little Aerosmith, AC/DC or White Snake. I also like Michael Johns and Jason Yeager, but I'm still not too sure about them. I think Michael, Jason and Luke Menard has the look, but okay vocals. Maybe it's just nerves and they'll do better next time. All the guys seemed to have won the judges tonight. Tomorrow, the girls perform and I'm excited to see who will do the best.


sarah and allan said...

hey i watched a little bit of idol last night. i liked that young guy too. he was so cute singing about what his mama told him.lol is the othe guy your talking about.. does he look like justin timberlake?? i liked him too. they were my fav's.

The Mason Bunch said...

I don't think he looks like J. Timberlake. Didn't the judges call the guy with long her, J. Timberlake? I can't remember. You can go on wwww.americanidol.com to see the photos of all the contestants under season 7. Happy AI watching!