Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy President's Day!


Hope you're able to have lots of luck with all of those President's Day sales today!

Maryann sent me this new picture of Ryan and Kasey

I just spoke to Dad and he said that Mom's culture is growing a Strep infection, like Strep throat. Weird isn't it? I believe this is the first I've heard of a Strep infection found in someone's back. They're administering the proper antibiotics in her now. Now that she has the right antibiotic, maybe she won't have to stay in the hospital for a long time. I'm hoping this will help her with the pain she's been experiencing. I spoke to Mom last night and she seemed to be in good spirits. I apologized to her for us not being able to visit her in the hospital. I explained that we haven't been exactly well around here. She said she understood and she seemed to enjoy a little bit of quiet. Don't get me wrong, she appreciates all the love and attention the past few months, but you know how it is. I can relate because I can be the same way. You just need a little bit of peace and quiet to suffer alone.

Doug got an update on Vonell. She had the Angioplasty done this morning. The doctors put a stint in, I believe, the front part of her heart. She had approximately 94% blockage and is doing well now. She is expected to go home tomorrow. Thank you for all the prayers.

Katie slept in her own room last night. Of course, she didn't want to. I gave her some Tylenol to help her rest. I was beginning to wonder if I did the right thing because for about two hours (10:00-12:00), she was crouping pretty good. I kept checking on her, but she would be sound asleep. She got up around 9:00 this morning. She was in a good mood, but still croupy. I think her appetite is coming back slowly because she ate most of her breakfast bar. She wanted to wear her new yellow dress or as she calls it her "Belle dress." I told her she could wear it as long as she wore some tights and a sweater.

The other day, I was checking out the Disney website. I clicked to see what kind of events were going on. I absolutely hate it that I missed the "Disney Playhouse Live Tour." It's suppose to be in B'ham on March 14th. They are to have characters from "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse," "My Friends Tigger & Pooh," "Handy Manny," and "Little Einsteins." Katie would have loved it because these are the shows she watches almost every day. I checked and all of the good seats have been taken. Doug said we could still take her, but I'm afraid we wouldn't be able to see anything. I'm going to have to keep my eyes open for the next time.

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