Saturday, February 16, 2008

Many Needed Prayer Request

Prayer Request
As you may know, my Mom went back to the hospital yesterday. She has an infection in and around her disk. At the hospital today, the doctors went in with a needle and took a sample of the infection to do a culture. You probably remember me blogging about her still being in quite a bit of pain, especially when she gets out of bed. The pain is along her hip and lower back area. The doctor told Dad that the kind of infection, she is dealing with can be very painful. According to Dad this afternoon, once they find out what kind of infection she has, they will begin pumping her full of antibiotics. He added that they will send her home with an IV in her because the antibiotics doesn't come in pill form. Please pray that everything will go okay and God will remove this infection, so Mom might be able to continue to heal without pain.

Aunt Vonell, Doug's aunt, was admitted in the hospital today. The doctors feel she has suffered a heart attack. She will undergo an Angioplasty tomorrow. Doug spoke to her tonight and she seemed to be in good spirits. Please pray that everything goes okay. That God will guide the doctors hands and be able to fix any problems she might be undergoing. Pray for God's blessings on Vonell including His strength and encouragement.

Katie got up this morning sounding like a seal. Here we go! Right off the bat, I got out the humdifier and hooked it up in the Kitchen. She loved drinking the apple juice. She didn't have much of an appetite. We did get her to eat a few french fries, banana pudding and yogurt. I was just glad to get the apple juice in her as much as possible. Most of this morning, she just wanted to be held and watch movies. I think she had a little bit of a stomach ache because she made this terrible face, grabbing her bottom and stomach. She started telling me that it hurt. I had an idea that her sinuses were draining onto her stomach, but I wanted to make sure there wasn't anything else going on to her bottom. She kept telling me that she wasn't feeling good and that she needed to go to the hospital. She was beginning to act like she felt better as the day grew. By supper time, she didn't sound so horse, but she did have a croupy cough. I gave her some Tylenol to have a good night's sleep, a sippy cup of water and have her humdifier going in her room. Of course, they all ended up in bed with us. My poor baby! I hate it when she gets sick.

Sickness is all over the place here. Several of my family members including us have either had it, have it or are still getting over it. Ugh!! I'll be glad when Spring gets here, so I can open up this house and clean out the bad germs. It may be an ol' wives tell, but it's what my Grandmother and Mother always did. I guess that's why they call it Spring cleaning.

We are suppose to get some pretty strong storms tomorrow. I told Doug, I wanted to keep Katie out of church tomorrow. I hate it because she loves going to church, but I don't want her to get an worse.

Doug brought home a movie "The Game Plan" with "The Rock", Dwayne Johnson. I think he is so hot! I remember years ago watching him on Wrestling. Doug loved watching that stuff. I just like watching "The Rock." "Do you know what the Rock's been cooking?" I love it! Anyway, I really liked this movie. It was a good preview into a little girl's world to see what is to come with our little Missy. Doug asked Katie if she was going to BeDazzle all of his clothes and stuff. This is a got to see movie, especially if you have little girls.

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