Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday

Congratulations NY Giants (NY 17 vs. NE 14)!!!!

I thought this was going to be a very dull game considering the first 3 quarters. New York pulled it through on the last few seconds of the game. What a fantastic ended of the game?!? Wow!! I didn't get to see all of the commercials. Thus far, I did like the "Life Water" commercial where the lizards were doing the "Thriller" dance. Pretty cute!

After church, Katie and I went over to spend a little time with Mom and Dad. Susan and her family came over as well. I didn't plan on staying during the Super Bowl, but Susan and Tim insisted that we stay and eat some fish for supper. Doug had to go to a Deacon's meeting, but came over later with his Buffalo Style Chicken Dip & chips. We had a real good time and I was surprised how long Mom stayed up with us before getting tired. She did real good as far as exercising and wanting to get up and walking around. She's been having some pain in her bladder area. She is afraid she might have a bladder infection. It hurts especially when she has to cough, so she tries to limit her coughing. Her nurse is suppose to come by tomorrow some time, so she'll mention it to her.

While we were at Mom and Dad's, June brought over Katie, Jon & Leslie's Christmas presents. She gave Jon a nice Alabama toboggan. Katie got a sweet Tinkerbell costume and wand. Katie loves it! She was dressed up like a pixie the rest of the night. Oh and get this, she told Susan not once but three times that she had to go potty. Luckily, I had our new folding potty seat to put on Mom and Dad's toilet in order for Katie to use the potty. Sure enough, she pee-peed twice for Susan and once for me, while we were there. Susan seems to think she's ready. She assured me not to wait any longer because it might confuse her. She advised that we stick with the potty training and not stop at any time. Ugh!! Okay, we'll try again. As soon as I got home, I told her that we needed to go to the potty and she didn't want to go. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Okay, I know Katie has a Minnie Mouse swimsuit that I bought her last year on sale, but I wanted to have another one on hand. I got this brand new swimsuit off of eBay for $8.99. Isn't it cute? It's lavendar with white daisies all over it. I think some bikinis look so cute on children. I know Katie had a cute hot pink tankini last year. It was my favorite and she got so many compliments on that suit.

There was another swimsuit that Katie and I both wanted to get, but every auction ended up selling it for around $22-$30. It was a sweet one piece Hawiian Hello Kitty style (pictured above), but I can't force myself to spend $20+ on a suit that she won't wear that much a year. Yeah, she probably will be in the pool a lot more this year than last that's another reason why I wanted to get a second suit.

We are officially ready for potty training that is when Katie is ready. I got the travel potty and fold away plastic seat cover yesterday. I unfolded the travel potty to check it out and Katie had a fit. She loves it! In fact, the little turkey told us, she wanted to go potty in her little potty. I had to do some fast talking as she is pulling pants down and working on her diaper.

Have a great week and don't work too hard!

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