Monday, February 11, 2008


Katie and I took advantage of this beautiful day and we did a little Valentine's Day shopping. We got Doug/Daddy and Katie's gifts bought. Katie picked out her "Happy Birthday" dress as she calls it. I kept trying to talk her into waiting on the dress. Nope, she kept begging me. She said, "I pay for it, Mom." I didn't know it was on sale, until I got up to the cash register. It's a pretty dress. I got it at Belk. It is sleeveless yellow eyelet full skirt dress with a silk yellow sash. I love the dresses, they have in stock, that have polka dots. There was one dress Katie and I both loved, but she picked the yellow one instead. It was green with pink flowers all over it and it had bows on the shoulders. So cute! Doug told me a while back that Hibbetts had some of their Alabama clothes for 75% off the original price. Jack pot!! I ended up getting Katie two cheerleader dresses & a denim jumper dress. One of the cheerleader outfits is for cooler weather, where the other one is for warmer weather. I had a field day in that store! If you don't have a Winter coat/jacket for your child next year, Dillards and Belk is having a great sale. Belk didn't have many coats/jackets left, but Dillards sure did. I was very tempted in getting Katie this water-resistant hooded jacket with fleece on the inside for $11. I had to slap my hands. I also found a couple of sweet hooded coats for $22. I've been looking for some cooler weather gowns for this Spring/Summer. Dillards has their girls sleepwear on sale for 50% off the original price. The only problem is it's not all of their sleepwear because I found the cutest pink sheer gown. Katie loved it, but it wasn't on sale - $12. I'll have to wait it out and maybe they'll go on sale soon.

Katie was so good all day with all the shopping, so I promised her that we would go to Target and look at the toys. I've been trying to teach her how to drink out of a regular cup. It's just as challenging at the potty training. I found some colorful cups just her size for $.99 each. She likes her cups, but I still trying to get it through her head that they are not sippy cups. I think we spent 2-3 hours in that store. I caved and let Katie get a Ballerina Barbie for her Valentine's Day present. It was $4.99. I let her choose between the Butterfly, Beach & Ballerina Barbies because they were all priced the same. She was so tickled! She didn't see me, but I grabbed the Mermaid Barbie for Easter. I just hope she starts going to the potty by Easter. We'll keep trying. It never fails as soon as I got in a store, Katie poops in her diapers and I'm caught without a diaper on me. You'd think I would have learned my lesson. Well, today's no different. Katie fell asleep by the time we got to Target, so I didn't change her diaper before we went inside the store. She woke up by the time we got inside the store and wouldn't go back to sleep. After I've picked up cards, gift bags, and a few other things, she announces to the world that she has just pooped and it stinks. She said, "shoo-wee, Mommy. I poopied and it stinks." Perfect! At first, I didn't believe her. Sure enough, it happened. I started to the restroom to change her diaper and then I remembered, I didn't put the diaper in her pink backpack. Ugh! We got in line to check out and Katie began getting upset with me. She was afraid we were not coming back inside to see the toys. I had to reassure her all the way to the truck.

I believe Katie is ready for Easter now. We've got the dress, shoes and now I would like to get her a new hair bow. She has one hair bow that she could probably use, but it's an alligator clip and I perfer the barrett. The barrett is a little harder to take out of her hair and I'm always loosing the alligator clip hair bows. Now, Mommy has to find a dress and begin to get ready for Easter. It will be here before you know it.

I never thought I would say it, but I wish the warmer weather would hurry up and get here. I'm beginning to panic. Katie is currently wearing a 2T, but she needs a 3T. Her pants are too short in the length and strad. A lot of her long sleeved shirts are too short and a little tight. Doug got on to me tonight because one of her hoodies could barely fit over her head. Ugh!

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