Thursday, February 21, 2008

I Do It!

"I Do It!" is the new phrase around the household. Katie gets so mad at me, if I try to help her. She'll push me aside and tell me "no Mommy, I do it." Even washing her hands, she wants to do it herself. Today, I let her wash her hands by herself and she didn't wash with soap that I had out there for her to use. I made her get back up on her stool and try it again. Still wanting no help, I had to forcefully rinse off the soap. She didn't like it at all, but I didn't want her getting sick off of the dried soap left on her hands. Doug and I noticed a couple of weeks ago how much Katie wanted to wash herself in the tubby. I bought her some of that grip soap and she loved it so much, the soap was gone in a few days. While I'm washing her hair, she's got to get her hands up there and pretend like she's washing her hair. I don't know if I've told you about her using the word "sure" a lot. I think she got it from me saying sure. If you ask her a question that she likes, she'll answer "sure."

Maryann and Dad called me yesterday and said that Dr. Harsh felt it would be best if Mom goes back to the rehabilitation center for a week. Of course, Mom didn't want to go back there, instead she wanted to go home. Her coming home was out of the question, since they don't know if the antibiotic will work for another couple of days. Late last night, Dad called me and said Mom got to the rehab clinic and settled in before he left to go home. I got Mom's room phone number. If you would like it, please give me a call or email and I would be glad to forward it to you. According to the last time she was in rehab, she did all of her exercises during the morning hours. So, I'm going to wait and call her tonight.

Thus far, our little family is getting over this sickness. Doug and Katie still have a little cough, but nothing bad. I'll feel better when Spring weather gets here. Katie and I are planning to get out of here for the evening. I don't know how long we'll be gone or what we'll do, but we have got to get out of here. It's too cold to stay outside, so we might just drive around town. I need to get a few things at the store. As far as I know, everyone else in the extended family is slowly getting over this as well. I spoke to Peggy and she said that Millard went back to work today. We just hope ya'll have been either avoiding this terrible sickness or feeling much better.

American Idol

Well, the judges seem to think the girls did just as good or better than the boys. I can't say that. Comparing the boys singing to the girls, I feel the boys were much stronger. I understand several of the girls were sick, so that's got to be hard for them. Based on last night's performances, I really can't say whose my favorite girls. I like Alaina and Asia'h the best overall. I like Kady as well, but she's so good at imitating other singers. I feel she's going to have a hard time finding her own voice without the judges comparing her to some other professional singer. Who does Amanda Overmyer remind you of? There is something about her that reminds me of a specific singer/performer. At first, I thought of Joan Jett or Stevie Knight, but I really can't think of who it is. Maybe you can help me. I think Raimele sang well, but I'm not too sure if she would be my favorite. I didn't care for Joanne's performance last night, but I have heard her sing in the past auditions and I thought she was good. Don't forget, the results come on tonight. This should be interesting.

My pick for the four (2 boys & 2 girls)people leaving the show tonight will be:

  1. Alexandrea
  2. Amy
  3. Danny
  4. Colton

Who are your picks to leave tonight?

Have a great Friday!


sarah and allan said...

i totally agree with you about the boys. i thought they did way better than the girls but..?? guess i'm not an ai judge. i think the sunny nanny is my fav.

Laura said...

I didn't get to watch the boys. The Chinese/Japanese girl was my favorite. I think she's got a great voice!